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Dear Medical Professional,

Per your order, we have compounded ECD as a sterile freeze-dried preparation. The characteristics of this preparation are:

AnazaoHealth supplies ECD as a compounded kit for preparing Tc99m ECD. Each Reaction vial contains 1.35 mg of ECD, 0.54 edetate disodium, 36mg mannitol and 0.125 mg stannous chloride dehydrate. The vial is back filled with inert gas and may contain a partial vacuum.

Each ECD buffer vial contains a total volume of 1 mL that includes 6.15 mg sodium phosphate dibasic  and 0.69 mg sodium phosphate monobasic

Tc99m Bicisate forms a stable, lipophilic complex that crosses intact cell membranes and blood brain barrier by passive diffusion. The amount of tc99m bicisate is stable in the brain until about 6 hours

Tc99m bicisate is indicated as an adjunct to conventional CT or MRI imaging in the localization of stroke in patients in whom stroke has already been diagnosed

The physical half-life for Technetium is 6.02 hours

There are no known contraindications for this preparation.

The recommended dose  for a 70 kg patient is 10-30 mCi

For best results, use tc99m from a generator eluted within 24 hours.  The eluate should be used within 2 hours of elution.

  Reconstitution Instructions:

It is recommended that the kit be stored refrigerated until use; at such time the product should be aseptically withdrawn

This kit should be stored in the refrigerator prior to reconstitution and the reaction vial protected from light.

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