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UN1046 HELIUM, COMPRESSED USP CONTENTS LOT NUMBER CAUTION! HIGH-PRESSURE GAS. CAN CAUSE RAPID SUFFOCATION. MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS AND DROWSINESS. Store and use with adequate ventilation. Use with equipment rated for cylinder pressure. Use a backflow prevention device in any piping. Cylinder temperature should not exceed 125°F (52°C). Close valve after each use; keep closed even when empty. Always secure cylinder. Install cap, if provided, when not in use per Praxair MSDS form P-4602 and safe practices booklets P-3499 and P-14-153; obtain from your local supplier. FIRST AID: IF INHALED, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, qualified personnel may give oxygen. Call a physician. WARNING! Administration of helium may be hazardous or contraindicated. For use only by or under the supervision of a licensed practitioner who is experienced in the use and administration of helium and is familiar with the indications, effects, dosages, methods and frequency and duration of administration, and with the hazards, contraindications, and side effects and the precautions to be taken. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: CALL 1-800-645-4633 CAS: 7440-59-7 2 Rx ONLY DISTRIBUTED BY PRAXAIR, INC., DANBURY DO NOT REMOVE THIS LABEL PMG-3 (07/08) Praxair, the flowing airstream design and Medipure are trademarks of Praxair Technology, Inc. DISTRIBUTED BY PRAXAIR, INC, DANBURY, CT 06810-5113


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Clinical Trials [30 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Repeatability in Hyperpolarized 3-Helium With MRI

The main purpose of this study is to assess and test the reproducibility and results of hyperpolarized 3-Helium gas as a contrast agent with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the lungs i...

Asthma Exacerbation and Helium-3 MRI

The goal of this research is to use Helium-3 MRI to see the changes in airflow of the lungs at different times of an attack. These three stages are immediately after the attack, 1 month la...

Helium Oxygen Mixture in the Treatment of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

Helium—oxygen mixture(heliox) was suggested to be beneficial in meconium aspiration syndrome in previous studies,but the evidence was limited.The aim of the study was to assess the e...

Healthy Lung Study- Development of 3 Tesla MRI Hardware and Software for Helium-3 Gas Imaging of the Lung: Healthy Volunteer Development Study

Healthy volunteers aged 18-75 will undergo hyperpolarized 3-Helium MRI and pulmonary function testing for the development of tools to assess image signal to noise and reproducibility of sp...

Helium-Neon Laser Therapy Versus Infrared Laser Therapy in Treating Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Background: Diabetic patients are frequently showed with foot ulceration as a common complication which increases to 20% in admission. Low-level laser therapy is used to control foot ulcer...

PubMed Articles [55 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Considerable matrix shift in the electronic transitions of helium-solvated cesium dimer cation CsHe.

We investigate the photodissociation of helium-solvated cesium dimer cations using action spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations. The spectrum of Cs2He+ shows three distinct absorption bands i...

Layering Transition in Superfluid Helium Adsorbed on a Carbon Nanotube Mechanical Resonator.

Helium is recognized as a model system for the study of phase transitions. Of particular interest is the superfluid phase in two dimensions. We report measurements on superfluid helium films adsorbed ...

Highly Charged Droplets of Superfluid Helium.

We report on the production and study of stable, highly charged droplets of superfluid helium. Using a novel experimental setup we produce neutral beams of liquid helium nanodroplets containing millio...

Nanoscale modification of silicon and germanium surfaces exposed to low-energy helium plasma.

Complex surface nanostructures were observed in germanium and silicon samples exposed to low energy (24 or 36 eV ion kinetic energy) helium plasma. Pyramidal growth is observed in germanium across t...

A method for constrained optimisation of the design of a scanning helium microscope.

We describe a method for obtaining the optimal design of a normal incidence Scanning Helium Microscope (SHeM). Scanning helium microscopy is a recently developed technique that uses low energy neutral...

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