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easy interproximal therapy

Recommended for anterior teeth and where spacing allows.

Recommended for posterior teeth and where spacing is restrictive.

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The interproximal sites and disk must be kept dry during placement.

Method 1 – Insertion of flat Phocal disks

Recommended for anterior teeth and where spacing allows

When spacing allows, insert the disk with forceps and/or by hand.

In some cases, separation with wedges may be necessary prior to insertion.

Method 2 – Insertion of folded Phocal disks

Recommended for posterior teeth and where spacing is restrictive

When spacing is restrictive, the disk can be folded and easily inserted below the contact point.

To fold, lightly dampen the tips of a pair of thin forceps and shake off excess water, while keeping your hands completely dry.

Use the tip of the thin forceps to moisten only the midline of the disk by moving the forceps tip back and forth along the midline. Then hold the disk along the midline with the thin forceps and gently fold the disk into a V shape with dry fingers.

If you feel that the disk could snap, stop folding and repeat the midline moistening step.

Insert the folded disk below the contact area as shown.

Use a thin probe to push the disk further into the contact area.

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fluoride treatment disksfor professional use only

phocal™ Apf

easy interproximal therapy

20 disks,4.5mg each


Apf disks


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