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Iodine 0.05 g/ml, Potassium Iodide 0.100 g/ml.

LUGOL’S is an aqueous solution containing Iodine 5%, and potassium iodide 10%, w/v (LUGOL’s Solution). LUGOL’s is a transparent liquid with a deep brown color and the odor of iodine.

LUGOL’S is supplied in 8 ml glass single-use bottles.

LUGOL’s is a topical antiseptic. Strong Iodine Solution is a germicide and fungicide. LUGOL’s is preservative-free.

LUGOL’S is applied directly to areas needing antiseptic.

For External Use Only.

Iodide preparations are contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity to the drugs.

Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Keep tightly closed. Protect from light.  DO NOT use if seal has been broken. Store at controlled room temperature 15°-30°C (59°-86°F).

Opened containers with unused portions of product and applicator swabs containing residual product should be placed in a suitable, dry container for disposal following local hazardous waste practices. Waste containing LUGOL’S should not be subjected to any thermal process whether intended for destruction or recycling purposes.

Lugol’s Strong Iodine Solution USP Contents One Dozen (12) 8ml Vials

8mL       NDC 59365-6064-0 Lugol’s (STRONG IODINE SOLUTIONS USP)


CooperSurgical, Inc.

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Relation Between Maternal Iodine Status and Prenatal Foetal Thyroid Dimension

Mother with severe Iodine deficiency are more likely to have neonates with further poor mental development . In order to select population which could benefit from iodine supplementation, ...

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To explore main cause and health impact of iodine excess during pregnancy, we performed iodine evaluation for 390 consecutive pregnant women from January 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016. ...

Estimating Usual Iodine Intake From Spot Urinary Iodine Concentrations

The overall objective of this study is to develop a reliable method to obtain habitual iodine intakes from spot urinary iodine concentration (UIC) and to assess the prevalence of inadequat...

Iodine Supplement Strategies Between Routine Iodine Supplementation and Selective Iodine Supplementation

Pregnant women who attend at our antenatal clinic will random to 2 groups. First will receive routine iodine supplementation. The other will receive iodinated pill or only iron supplementa...

Iodine Status in Pregnant Women in Israel

Worldwide Data suggest that Iodine deficiency is a concern among healthy pregnant women. Thus, screening first trimester healthy pregnant women for iodine status is of clinical value for m...

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Poor Iodine Knowledge, Coastal Region, and Non-Iodized Salt Consumption Linked to Low Urinary Iodine Excretion in Zhejiang Pregnant Women.

Iodine deficiency in pregnant women, defined as a median urinary iodine concentration (UIC) of less than 150 μg/L, is an important public health issue. To improve their iodine intake, it is important...

Effects of Excessive Iodine Intake on Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Blood Lipids in Adults.

To understand the effects of excess iodine intake on blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood lipids in adults. We selected three villages from Shanxi Province to conduct cross-sectional survey: Maxi ...

Iodine Nutrition During Pregnancy: Past, Present, and Future.

Iodine is a trace element that is important for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. During pregnancy, iodine requirements are increased by approximately 50% because of physiological changes. Adequate i...

Thyrotoxicosis after iodine fortification. A 21 year Danish population based study.

This letter is regarding the recent publication of "Thyrotoxicosis after iodine fortification. A 21 year Danish population based study" by Petersen et al. (2018) . This study adds to a growing body o...

Iodine status of euthyroid adults: A cross-sectional, multicenter study.

Iodine, an essential nutrient, is the most important trace element in thyroid hormone synthesis and maintenance of thyroid function. This study investigated the iodine nutrition status in healthy Chin...

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