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Dear Medical Professional,

Per your order, we have compounded Tetrofosmin as a sterile, freeze-dried preparation in a 10 mL vial. The characteristics of this preparation are described below.

AnazaoHealth’s compounded Tetrofosmin vial is a sterile, non-pyrogenic preparation that consists of a lyophilized mixture of 0.35 mg of Tetrofosmin, 1.5 mg of D-Gluconate, 0.03 mg of Stannous Chloride Dihydrate, 0.48 mg of Disodium Sulphosalicylate, and 2.7 mg of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and is maintained under an inert nitrogen atmosphere. It contains no antimicrobrial preservative.

Tetrofosmin is a diagnostic agent used to assess areas of reversible myocardial ischemia in the presence or absence of infracted myocardium and is also used to assess ventricular function.


The physical half-life of technetium, Tc99m, is 6 hours and has a principal radiation emission of gamma photons with a mean energy of 140 KeV.

Dose calculations were performed using the standard MIRD method (MIRD Pamphlet No.1 (rev),Society of Nuclear Medicine, 1976).

Effective dose equivalents (EDE) were calculated in accordance with ICRP 53 (Ann. ICRP 18 (1-4),1988) and gave values of 8.61 × 10-3 mSV/MBq and 1.12 × 10-2 mSV/MBq after exercise and rest, respectively.

Estimated Absorbed Radiation Dose (Technetium Tc99m Tetrofosmin Injection)
Absorbed radiation dose
Exercise Rest
Target organ rad/mCi µGy/MBq rad/mCi µGy/MBq
Gall bladder wall 0.123 33.2 0.180 48.6
Upper large intestine 0.075 20.1 0.113 30.4
Bladder wall 0.058 15.6 0.071 19.3
Lower large intestine 0.057 15.3 0.082 22.2
Small intestine 0.045 12.1 0.063 17.0
Kidney 0.039 10.4 0.046 12.5
Salivary glands 0.030 8.04 0.043 11.6
Ovaries 0.029 7.88 0.035 9.55
Uterus 0.027 7.34 0.031 8.36
Bone surface 0.023 6.23 0.021 5.58
Pancreas 0.019 5.00 0.018 4.98
Stomach 0.017 4.60 0.017 4.63
Thyroid 0.016 4.34 0.022 5.83
Adrenals 0.016 4.32 0.015 4.11
Heart wall 0.015 4.14 0.015 3.93
Red marrow 0.015 4.14 0.015 3.97
Spleen 0.015 4.12 0.014 3.82
Muscle 0.013 3.52 0.012 3.32
Testes 0.013 3.41 0.011 3.05
Liver 0.012 3.22 0.015 4.15
Thymus 0.012 3.11 0.009 2.54
Brain 0.010 2.72 0.008 2.15
Lungs 0.008 2.27 0.008 2.08
Skin 0.008 2.22 0.007 1.91
Breasts 0.008 2.22 0.007 1.83

The structural formula for tetrofosmin is:

When Tetrofosmin is reconstituted with Tc99m pertechnetate, a complex of Tc99m Tetrofosmin is formed and is the active ingredient of the reconstituted product. When administered intravenously, Tc99m Tetrofosmin shows rapid myocardial uptake and its distribution follows a linear relationship with coronary blood flow.

Tc99m Tetrofosmin is a lipophilic agent that is taken up by the mitochondria of myocardial cells by passive diffusion and appears to accumulate in viable myocardial tissue.

There are no known contraindications for this preparation.

Depending on the protocol for rest/stress imaging, doses of 10 to 30 mCi (370 to 1110 MBq) are given intravenously



The preparation should be stored in the refrigerator at 2- 8(C (36 - 46(F) and protected from light.


AnazaoHealth Corporation

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