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SYNTHAMIN 17 without Electrolytes

10% Amino Acid Intravenous InfusionVIAFLEX container


POM symbol

Sterile, nonpyrogenic

Formula per 1000 ml

Essential amino acids L-Leucine 7.30 gL-Isoleucine 6.00 gL-Lycine (as hydrochloride salt) 5.80 gL-Valine 5.80 gL-Phenylatanine 5.80 gL-Histidine 4.80 gL-Threonine 4.20 gL-Methionine 4.00 gL-Trypotophan 1.80 g

Other Ingredients Water for injections QSSodium Acetate pH AdjGlacial Acetic Acid pH Adj

Non-essential amino acids L-Alanine 20.70 gL-Arginine 11.50 gAmino acetic Acid (glycine) 10.30 gL-Proline 6.80 gL-Serine 5.00 gL-Tyrosine 400 mgTotal nitrogen per litre (approx) 18.5 g

mmol per litre (approx.) Acetate 82Chloride 40balanced by ions from amino acids

Bulk source container for pharmacy useNot for direct intravenous infusion

Refer to operating instructions for Automix high speed compounders beforeuse

For use under medical supervisionDo not use unless solution is clear and colourless or slightly yellow, andcontainer is undamagedCheck additive compatibility before useIt is not recommended that additions are made to this containerDo not administer simultaneously with bloodDiscontinue infusion if adverse reaction occurs

Do not store above 25°CProtect from light during storage Keep out of the sight and reach of children For single use only Discard any usused portionDiscard all equipment after useDo not reconnect partially used bags

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