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McKESSON Silver Nitrate Applicators Silver NITRATE 75% POTASSIUM NITRATE 25%

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DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Prior to use, the applicator stick may be bent or shaped to allow easier access to the target area. The medicated end of the applicator should be moistened in clean water and applied to the affected tissue. One applicator is normally sufficient for each application. The strength of the action is controlled by the amount of water used to moisten the tip. The applicator action can be stopped by washing the area with a saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride).

USES: Caustic applicators are useful for cauterization of skin or mucous membrane and for the removal of granulation tissue, warts and verrucae.

CONTRAINDICATIONS & ANTIDOTES: Caustic applicators must not be used for genital warts. Continued application to mucous membranes and open wounds leads to argyria, a bluish-black discoloration of the skin due to depositions of granules of silver compounds in the connective tissues. This condition persists indefinitely or disappears very slowly. Poisoning by oral ingestion is unlikely with the quantities involved, but treatment for poisoning is the immediate ingestion of large amounts of salt water followed by an emetic. Then administer a dose of Epsom Salts followed with milk. Immediately call a physician.

CAUTION: Federal (USA) law prohibits dispensing without prescription.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on or near eyes. Do not use on genital warts. Avoid storage in direct sunlight/fluorescent lighting and store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Store at room temperature in the closed package, in a dry place protected from light. Exposure to light will cause the silver nitrate tip to turn black, but will not affect the product's potency. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Questions? Call 1-800-777-4908 Distributed by McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. Richmond, VA 23233 PVN A0417 Made in England

NDC 68599-6302-7

McKesson Silver Nitrate Applicators MFR # 63-4100 SILVER NITRATE 75% | POTASSIUM NITRATE 25% 6 in FLEXIBLE CAUSTIC APPLICATOR 100 PER VIAL DO NOT REUSE Questions? Call 1-800-777-4908 Distributed by McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. Richmond, VA 23233 PVN B0118 P.3065 v008 Made in England


McKesson Medical-Surgical

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Clinical Trials [558 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

The Treatment of Bartholin´s Cyst or Abscess With Silver Nitrate

Silver nitrate treatment of Bartholin's cyst or abscess will be compared to marsupialization treatment. It is expected that silver nitrate treatment is effective, simple, inexpensive and ...

Efficacy of Potassium Nitrate Solution in Reducing Dentinal Hypersensitivity

An exploratory study investigating the direct application of potassium nitrate solutions of different concentrations in reducing dentine hypersensitivity.

Different Concentrations of Potassium Nitrate in In-office Tooth Bleaching Sensitivity

The aim of this randomized, double-blind controlled clinical study was to evaluate the absolute risk and intensity of sensitivity to dental bleaching in adults on the application of two di...

Safety and Effectiveness Study for Pleurodesis With Silver Nitrate in Malignant Pleural Effusion

The primary purpose of this study is to determinate the degree of chest pain on patients with malignant pleural effusion submitted to pleurodesis with silver nitrate in three different dos...

Management of Malignant Pleural Effusion With Indwelling Pleural Catheter Versus Silver Nitrate Pleurodesis

The primary goal of this study is to compare well-defined pleural effusion management success outcomes in patients with malignant or paramalignant pleural effusions who were treated with I...

PubMed Articles [1762 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Microwave ablation versus silver nitrate cautery for treating recurrent epistaxis in adolescents: A prospective, randomized case-control study.

To compare the outcomes of adolescent patients with recurrent anterior epistaxis (RAE) treated with either silver nitrate cauterization or microwave ablation (MWA).

A reevaluation of the contribution of NRT1.1 to nitrate uptake in Arabidopsis under low-nitrate supply.

NRT1.1 has been previously characterized as a dual-affinity nitrate transporter in Arabidopsis, though several lines of evidence have raised questions regarding its high-affinity function in nitrate u...

Conducting polymer-TiO2 hybrid materials: application in the removal of nitrates from water.

Materials able to produce the reduction of nitrate from water without the need of a metal catalyst and avoiding the use of gaseous hydrogen have been developed by combining the synergistic properties ...

Indirect electrochemical reduction of nitrate in water using zero-valent titanium anode: Factors, kinetics, and mechanism.

In this study, indirect electrochemical reduction with zero-valent titanium (ZVT) as anode successfully achieved the selective nitrate removal from simulated groundwater. The maximum nitrate removal e...

A Dual Functional Redox Enzyme Maturation Protein for Respiratory and Assimilatory Nitrate Reductases in Bacteria.

Nitrate is available to microbes in many environments due to sustained use of inorganic fertilizers on agricultural soils and many bacterial and archaeal lineages have the capacity to express respirat...

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