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Flavored 20% benzocaine gel or liquid for topical mucosal anesthesia.

Indicated as a topical anesthetic for use on oral mucosa prior to local anesthetic injections, scaling and prophylaxis. Also useful to relieve discomfort associated with taking impressions and intra- oral radiographs.

Should not be used with individuals with a known sensitivity to benzocaine or PABA.

Keep out of reach of children. For professional dental use only.

SmartPractice 20% benzocaine gels are supplied in multiple use containers. Take care not to contaminate the bottle by reintroducing a used cotton applicator into the bottle.

1. Each gram of benzocaine gel between 180-220mg benzocaine in a flavored base.

2. Using a new cotton applicator, apply a small amount of gel to the mucosa to achieve topical anesthesia. Do not reintroduce the cotton applicator into the bottle.

3. For topical tissue anesthesia during scaling procedures, dispense a small amount of gel into a dappen dish, then coat the scaler with the product prior to use.

4. Tightly re-cap the jar after each use.

Store between 59°-86°F (15°-30°C). Protect from freezing.

distributed by: SmartPractice

3400 east mcdowell rd

phoenix, AZ 85008

Made in USA.


SmartHealth, Inc. (DBA SmartPractice)

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