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Shake well before use. This is a one minute or four minute fluoride gel for in-office patient use. It is normally used as a preventative caries treatment two times a year.

1. After thorough prophylaxsis, fill two single or one dual tray, one third full with gel. Air dry teeth and insert trays into the mouth.

2. Instruct patient to bite down lightly but firmly for one minute (80% effectiveness) or four minutes (100% effectiveness).

3. Remove trays. Instruct patient to expectorate any excess gel and not to eat or drink for at least 30 minute


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The Effect of Grape Seed Extract on Blood Pressure in People With Pre-Hypertension

In this research study, the investigators are interested in learning how extracts from grape seeds can help those individuals with high blood pressure. The investigators also hope to learn...

Metabolic Response to Chardonnay Grape Pomace Powder

To determine if the addition of chardonnay grape pomace powder enriched with grape seed extract to the diet will result in reducing blood levels of cholesterol or triglycerides.

Blood Pressure Lowering Effects of Grape Juice

Recent studies suggest that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can lower blood pressure, and a number of lines of evidence suggest that grape products may have such an effect. The purpose...

The Effect of Grape Seed Extract on Estrogen Levels of Postmenopausal Women

The role of estrogens in the pathogenesis of breast cancer has been well documented. This has led to the development of "Anti-Estrogens" (selective estrogens receptor modulators and Aromat...

Effects of a Standardized Freeze-dried Grape Powder on High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Function in Metabolic Syndrome

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of both chronic and acute grape ingestion in a population of men at higher risk for both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (me...

PubMed Articles [129 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Improved extraction of resveratrol and antioxidants from grape peel using heat and enzymatic treatments.

Resveratrol, an extensively recognized phytochemical that belongs to the stilbene family, is mainly abundant in grape peel and dematerializes as a by-product during grape juice processing.

Grape juice nutritional profile.

The nutrient profile of grape juice is presented on the basis of reference books data analysis, scientific publications and research results. The profile contains more than 30 food and biologically ac...

Coniella vitis sp. nov. Is the Common Pathogen of White Rot in Chinese Vineyards.

Grape white rot is a common disease and causes considerable yield losses in many grape-growing regions when environmental conditions are favorable. We surveyed grape white rot in five provinces in Chi...

Modified grape stem as a renewable adsorbent for cadmium removal.

In order to aggregate value to the grape stem (wastes), this research aim was to increase the adsorption capacity of Cd by chemical modifications on grape stems. The grape stems were milled and sieved...

White grape juice increases high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and reduces body mass index and abdominal and waist circumference in women.

Grape juice is a drink that is rich in phenolic compounds, which are important natural antioxidants that reduce the incidence of diseases linked to oxidative stress including cardiovascular disease. S...

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