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Active ingredients :                                          PURPOSE Methyl salicylate 60%                                 EXTERNAL ANALGESIC Turpentine   24%                                        EXTERNAL ANALGESIC

Stop use and consult a doctor if excessive irritation of the skin develops.

Keep out of the reach of children, if swallowed, get medical help immediately. 

Directions: Apply RUMAGON liniment to the affected area as needed and gently massage until thoroughly absorbed. Repeat as necessary.

Do not use with a heated pad. 

Stop use and consult a doctor if excessive irritation of the skin develops.

Storage: Store in cool dry place from directly sunlight

Relief of Arthritis Pain and Muscle Aches  

DOUBLE PRAWN RUMAGON LINIMENT Relief of Arthritis Pain and Muscle Aches Net WT: 1fl oz.  (28ml) Product of Singapore RUMAGON liniment is a uniquely developed formula contains natural essential oils that provide temporary relief from the muscle / joint aches, stiffness, and pain associated with arthritis, backache, strain, cramp, and sprain.


Tai Tong Ah Co., Pte. Ltd.

Active Ingredients


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Multiple Isoforms of Anti-Lipopolysaccharide Factors and Their Antimicrobial Functions in the Ridgetail Prawn .

As a kind of antimicrobial peptides (AMP) in crustacean, anti-lipopolysaccharide factors (ALFs) have broad spectrum antimicrobial activities. In the present study, we identified four ALF genes, , from...

Impact of heavy metal bioaccumulation on antioxidant activities and DNA profile in two earthworm species and freshwater prawn from Ogun River.

The use of freshwater invertebrates as bioindicator of heavy metal pollution is an important tool for environmental biomonitoring. This study investigated antioxidant activities and DNA profile in two...

Neutral and anionic zinc compounds supported by a bis(imino)phenyl NCN ligand.

The new zinc complexes 2,6-(ArN[double bond, length as m-dash]CH)CHZnBu (6) and 2,6-(ArN[double bond, length as m-dash]CH)CHZnClLi(THF)(7), supported by a bis(imino)phenyl NCN pincer ligand, were prep...

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