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PRIOR to using this Device, read the Patient Operating Instruction Manual and Adhere to All Warnings and instructions.

WARNING: Concentrated oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion. Therefore: . Keep unit away from heat, flame or sparks. . Keep unit away from flammable materials, oil and grease. . Do Not Smoke.

WARNING: Frosbite may occur on contact with cold liquid or faseous oxygen, or frosted parts.

REMEMBER: . Ensure adequate ventilation for use and storage. . Do not allow untrained personnel to handle or operate this device. . This device is not life sustaining. . Rx only. . If units do not desengage easily do not use force. They may be frozen, wait until warm up and they should disengage freely. . Use of this device is restricted on commercial passenger and cargo air flights by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Refrigerated Liquid, USP UN1073 OXYGEN Produced by Air Liquefaction C E 0029 EC REP non-flammable cylinder symbol 2 oxidizer symbol 5.1

Manufactured by: CAIRE Inc. 2200 Airport Industrial Drive Suite 300 Ball Ground, GA 30107 U.S.A. M.D.D. Representative: Medical Product Services Gmbh Borngasse 20 35619 Braunfels, Germany Ref 13657677 Rev E


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Clinical Trials [1471 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Maternal Oxygen Administration for Fetal Distress II

Supplementary oxygen is routinely administered to patients, even those with adequate oxygen saturations, in the belief that it increases oxygen delivery. However, oxygen delivery depends n...

Intelligent Oxygen Therapy During Sleep

Long-term oxygen therapy improves survival in patients with severe hypoxia. However, some patients despite this oxygen, experience episodes of low oxygen levels (intermittent hypoxia) espe...

Effect of High Levels of Oxygen and Smoking on the Lungs in Human Volunteers

Patients with lung disease experiencing difficulty breathing can be treated with oxygen therapy. This involves the delivery of "extra" oxygen by a face-mask or through small tubes placed ...

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Improvements to Physical Activity, Oxygen Usage, and Quality of Life in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Using Long-term Oxygen Therapy (POC-STEP)

To evaluate changes in activity based on the use of portable oxygen concentrators combined with standard of care (SOC) long- term oxygen therapy versus SOC long-term oxygen therapy alone a...

Evaluation of Oxygen Delivery Through Nasal Cannula in Volunteers

This study will evaluate patient comfort and oxygen delivery efficiency when providing supplemental oxygen through a nasal cannula to volunteers using an instrumented oxygen delivery syste...

PubMed Articles [3593 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Enzymatic glucose/oxygen biofuel cells: Use of oxygen-rich cathodes for operation under severe oxygen-deficit conditions.

A glucose/oxygen biofuel cell (BFC) that can operate continuously under oxygen-free conditions is described. The oxygen-deficit limitations of metabolite/oxygen enzymatic BFCs have been addressed by u...

Oxygen Reserve Index: Validation of a New Variable.

Pulse oximetry-derived oxygen saturation is typically >97% in normoxia and hyperoxia, limiting its clinical use. The new Oxygen Reserve Index (ORi), a relative indicator of the partial pressure of oxy...

The effect of oxygen concentration on arterial blood partial pressure of oxygen in dogs under general anesthesia.

Oxygen is used for medical treatment and general anesthesia. However, high concentrations of oxygen can have toxic effects on cells. In veterinary medicine, 100% oxygen is usually used during general ...

Oxygen toxicity in acute care settings.

Oxygen therapy is widespread in acute care settings as adequate oxygen supplementation is essential in case of hypoxemia. Excessive oxygen supplementation has several unrecognized deleterious effects....

Development and validation of a questionnaire to assess the doctors and nurses knowledge of acute oxygen therapy.

Prescription and administration of oxygen in emergencies by healthcare providers are reported to be inappropriate in most settings. There is a huge gap in the knowledge of health care providers on var...

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