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Clinical Trials [193 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

MOCHA Moving Forward: a CBPR Investigation of Chronic Disease Prevention in Older, Low-income African-American Men

The overall goal of the research is to discover how to reduce chronic disease health disparities among older (ages 35-70) low-income African-American men more effectively. To achieve this ...

Clinical Testing of a Real-Time Behavior Measurement Tool: Measuring Outcomes for CHAnge

The efficacy of clinical trials addressing behavioral issues in individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) has traditionally been hampered by lack of objective and sens...

Z-Joint Changes in Low Back Pain Following Adjusting

The purpose of this continuation project is to use MRI to evaluate gapping of the zygapophysial (Z) joints following side-posture positioning and side-posture spinal adjusting in subjects ...

International Registry Study of Neutral Lipid Storage Disease and Related Diseases

This study aims to understand the state of onset of NLSD(neutral lipid storage disease) / TGCV(triglyceride deposit cardiovasculopathy) worldwide, background information of affected patien...

Effect of Language and Confusion on Pain During Peripheral Intravenous Catheterization (KTHYPE)

The purpose of this study is to compare three communications during peripheral intravenous catheterization and measure pain patient: one hypnotic, confusion (HYPNOSIS), an other with negat...

PubMed Articles [1074 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Mocha tyrosinase variant: a new flavour of cat coat coloration.

A novel coloration named 'mocha' has been identified in the Burmese cat breed from Thailand. Tyrosinase (TYR) mutations are known to be associated with coat coloration in cats, such as the sable Burme...

A neutral evolution test derived from a theoretical amino acid substitution model.

A neutral evolution model that explicitly considers codons, amino acids, and the degeneracy of the genetic code is developed. The model is built from nucleotides up to amino acids, and it represents a...

The puzzling optical-absorption and photoelectron spectra of neutral and anionic Ag clusters.

The optical absorption and photoelectron spectra (PES) of neutral and anionic Ag clusters have been studied using the particle-swarm optimization technique and time-dependent density functional theory...

The Puzzling Persistence of "Neutral" Conditioned Stimuli.

For almost a century, the idea that neutral stimuli acquire meaning by association with biologically-relevant stimuli has been a fixture of psychologists' descriptions of Pavlovian conditioning. A pot...

Influence of emotional contexts on facial emotion attribution in schizophrenia.

Recent emotion recognition studies in schizophrenia have reported misattribution of emotional content to emotionally neutral faces. While in these studies faces are presented in the absence of any con...

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