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Dear Medical Professional,

Per your order, we have compounded Dextran 75 as a lyophilized powder for injection. The characteristics of this preparation are as follows:

AnazaoHealth supplies compounded Dextran 75 for the preparation of Tc-99m Dextran 75. Each reaction vial contains 10 mg of Dextran 75, 0.30mg of stannous chloride, 0.73 mg Sodium Citrate and 1 mg of dextrose (lyophilized mixture, under nitrogen atmosphere), per unit dose vial.

Dextran, when labeled with technetium Tc99m and given intravenously, is distributed throughout the body in much the same way as the patient’s serum, and serves as a suitable tracer with which to transiently image the vascular compartment

Technetium Tc99m Dextran by intravenous administration is indicated as a cardiac blood pool imaging agent and as an adjunct in the diagnosis of pericardial effusion, ventricular aneurysm, or GI Bleed

To prepare injection, up to 40 mCi of an oxidant-free sodium pertechnetate Tc 99m solution is aseptically injected into the vial, minimum volume 1ml, mix gently and let Dextran dissolve completely for 10 minutes

Injection should be administered within 6 hours after preparation. Before and after reconstitution- Store at room temperature

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Dextran, a Plasma Expander, Offers New Hope for Patients With Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis and Acute Kidney Injury

A pilot study of Dextran-40 infusion in patients with decompensated cirrhosis presenting with AKI

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A pharmacokinetic study on the absorption of perorally delivered insulin in dextran matrix after single dose administration.

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Dextran-based Priming vs. Crystalloid and Mannitol-based Priming Solution in Adult Cardiac Surgery

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Preparation and application of dextran and its derivatives as carriers.

As a natural and renewable biological macromolecule, dextran not only has excellent biodegradability, but also has good biocompatibility. Dextran and its derivatives are functional polymers for the co...

Regioselective bromination of the dextran non-reducing end creates a pathway to dextran-based block copolymers.

Preparation of polysaccharide-based block copolymers with linear architectures is an important goal, opening up clear application potential and requiring significant advances in polysaccharide regio- ...

Conformity of dextran-coated fullerene C70 with L929 fibroblast cells.

Fullerene C70 with symmetric nanostructure and unique properties that open up leeway for both material science and healthcare applications. Poor water dispersity and limited knowledge about its associ...

Molecular and macromolecular crowding-induced stabilization of proteins: Effect of dextran and its building block alone and their mixtures on stability and structure of lysozyme.

Dextran 70 and its building block (glucose) has been used as macromolecular crowder and osmolyte, respectively. The difference in size and structure of both made us inquisitive to measure stability of...

Dextran-Functionalized Semiconductor Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Bioanalysis and Imaging.

The prerequisites for maximizing the advantageous optical properties of colloidal semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) in biological applications are effective surface functionalization and bioconjugation...

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