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60 Second Taste Gel

Anticavity Topical APF*

Preventive Treatment Gel

*Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride


Active Ingredient: 1.23% w/w fluoride ion from 2.72% sodium fluoride

Contraindicated in individuals who are hypersensitive to fluoride.

Keep out of reach of children. For topical intraoral use only. For Professionally applied in office fluoride treatment only.

Not for system treatment. Do not swallow.

Do not use on patients with an allergy to fluoride.

60 Second Taste contains artificial color and flavor; confirm that no known patient allergies exist. Marshmallow and Chocolate Vanilla are dye free and contain no artificial colors.

Special care should be used when administering to children under 6 years of age so that gel is not swallowed.

Contact with abraided or sensitive oral tissue may produce discomfort.

If more than is ordinarily used for treatment is swallowed, administer calcium such as milk and contact your local Poison Control Center immediately.

Usual dosage is approximately 2.75 - 9 grams of 60 Second Taste per dual arch treatment (depending on tray size).

Shake well before use

Repeat treatment at least once or twice a year. For patients with rampant or active caries, repeat treatment once or twice every six months.

If contents have become frozen, warm to room temperature and shake well before using.

For product MSDS information please see company website at or contact Pascal directly.

Pascal's 60 Second Taste is free of gluten, soy, milk, egg, peanut and tree nut products.

Rx only in USA. For Professional Use Only.


Pascal Company, Inc.

Active Ingredients


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Mechanical properties and quality parameters of Chitosan-edible algae (Palmaria palmata) on eady-to-eat strawberries.

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