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The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the Doty surgical approach in pediatric patients with congenital supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS) by examining early and mid-term outcomes.

Coronary-cameral fistula (CCF) is a rare connection between a coronary artery and a chamber of the heart. It most often derives from the right coronary artery and drains into the right ventricle. CCF originating from all 3 major coronary vessels and draining into the left heart is an extremely rare coronary artery malformation. A 47-yearold-man who was admitted to the clinic with angina pectoris a...

This report is a description of a rare case of transient ST-segment elevation during cryoballoon application for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF). A 74-year-old male with symptomatic PAF was referred to the center for ablation. During cryoablation of the left superior pulmonary vein (188 seconds, -48°C), ST-segment elevation in the anterolateral leads was observed suddenly, though without any...

Clomiphene citrate is a drug that stimulates ovulation and is commonly used in cases of female infertility. Generally, it is recognized as a safe agent for ovulation induction, but rarely, it is associated with life-threatening conditions. A 36-year-old woman who had been prescribed clomiphene citrate for infertility was admitted to the emergency department for chest pain lasting for 2 hours. She ...

A 15-year-old female patient presented at the clinic with heart failure (HF). A 12-lead electrocardiogram showed a heart rate of 170 bpm; negative P waves in leads DII, DIII, aVF; and long RP tachycardia (LRPT). Echocardiography demonstrated a shortening fraction (SF) of 20%. An electrophysiology study during tachycardia revealed an atrial-His time of 52 milliseconds and a His-atrial interval of 2...

A 29-year-old male patient was treated and followed up for a pulmonary embolism. The patient had no relevant medical history, other than the fact that he had smoked bonzai, a synthetic cannabinoid derivative, for 2 years. Hypercoagulability tests were normal. The use of synthetic cannabinoids is increasing in the young population and should be kept in mind among the causes of pulmonary embolism.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that many people struggle with all over the world. Despite extensive research, epilepsy is still an important challenge without a clear solution. There may be confusion about providing a specific approach due to the variety of epileptic seizures and the effectiveness in different environmental conditions. Some patients with epilepsy undergo treatment through medication...

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This study aimed to test the hypothesis that the statistical Chinese brain template would be more effective to detect gray matter (GM) changes in patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) in Chinese populations.

Campbell de Morgan spots (also known as adult hemangiomas, cherry angiomas, or senile angiomas) show clinical and histopathological features that make them distinct. Despite this, they are not included as benign vascular tumors in the current classification by the International Society for Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA). In the current study, we investigated the proliferation rate (Ki67) of the endoth...

Despite new horizons opened by recent advances in molecular pathology, histological evaluation still remains the diagnostic gold standard regarding cutaneous melanocytic neoplasms. Several histological variants of melanoma have been described, and their knowledge is crucial for accurate diagnosis and classification of cases with unusual clinicopathological features. Uncommon histological variants ...

This review discusses the role and mechanisms by which facilitating cells promote stem cell engraftment and induce tolerance in HLA-disparate kidney transplant recipients.

This article is aimed to provide readers with an updated review on the applicability, efficacy, and challenges of employing donor apoptotic cell-based therapies to promote transplantation tolerance in various experimental and clinical settings.

Initial clinical trials of adoptive regulatory T-cell (Treg) therapy in solid organ transplantation have proven to be both feasible and well tolerated. With Phase 2 trials underway, efforts have been focused on the optimization of the Treg product.

The treatment of oral cavity cancer may impair speech and swallowing function. Optimizing posttreatment function may lead to significant improvement of quality of life.

To discuss the use of the middle fossa craniotomy for resection of vestibular schwannomas; to present pearls of and modifications to the approach.

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