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Thursday 23rd November 2017

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training of Pregnant Women in Nepal: Feasibility, Compliance and Outcome

To our knowledge, no studies in Nepal have reported the feasibility of performing the Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) in Nepalese women. The aim of the study is to develop and implement a Pelvic Floor Muscle(PFM) physiotherapy program based on information, education and exercise in order to prevent or reduce Pelvic organ prolapse(POP) and Urinary Incontinence (UI) in pregnant Nepalese women The women will receive information (leaflet, video, posters) and instruction/guidan...

The Use of LiDCOplus in Fluid Resuscitation Decision-Making

Unwell patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) often need supplementary fluids to be given into the bloodstream through a drip in a vein (venous cannula), however too much fluid can be harmful. It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not a patient will benefit from extra fluids so they are given a "fluid challenge", whereby a small volume of fluid is given quickly into the cannula and the change in their status is noted. If the patient's condition improves, this sugg...

Huaier Granules for Prevention of Recurrence and Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer Patients Following Radical Surgery

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Huaier granules for Prevention of Recurrence and Metastasis of colorectal cancer patients following radical surgery

Cardiometabolic Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension

This study will investigate if metformin can help people with obesity and high pressures inside their lung blood vessels. Metformin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat diabetes, but metformin is not approved by the FDA to treat pulmonary hypertension. This study will examine whether Metformin will improve the high pressure inside lung blood vessels in people who are obese. The study will help understand the effect of metformin on pressures...

Clinical Value of Left Colic Artery in Laparoscopic Radical Rectectomy

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common tumors in Asia. According to the recent research, surgical procedure could provide more treatment benefit in rectal cancer. Therefore, it was consider that important to standardized and improved the surgical procedure for rectal cancer. With the development of anatomical technique, minimally surgery with laparoscopy had become the trend for surgical treatment. There were several studies has been done to evaluate the safety and feasibi...

Development of Novel Clinical Endpoints in Intermediate AMD

Development of novel clinical endpoints for interventional clinical trials with a regulatory and patient access intention in patients with intermediate age-related macular degeneration (AMD) - MACUSTAR

Explanations for Negative Laparoscopic Appendectomies and Normal Laparoscopies

Trial The aim of the study is to investigate which infectious diseases might mimic the symptoms of acute appendicitis to a degree to cause a diagnostic laparoscopy or laparoscopic appendectomy. The primary outcome is to compare the incidence of Yersinia spp. infection in patients, who undergo surgery due to suspected appendicitis, between those with and without appendicitis detected by polymerase chain reaction on rectal swabs. The secondary outcomes are comparison of the incid...

HIPEC and Systemic Chemotherapy Combined With Apatinib in Unresectable Peritoneal Metastases From Gastric Cancer

The prognosis of patients with unresectable peritoneal metastases from gastric cancer is poor. These patients may obtain survival benefit from radical gastrectomy and cytoreductive surgery (CRS). The response rates of previous conversion therapy are low. Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion (HIPEC) and systemic chemotherapy are effective methods of reducing peritoneal cancer index (PCI) levels. Apatinib, a novel targeted inhibitor of VEGF receptor 2 (VEGFR2), shows signi...

Randomised Open Label Study of Insulin Degludec Versus Insulin Glargine U100 in Ramadan

This is a study to be performed in Qatar that will look at the comparison of glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes on insulin glargine U100 with insulin degludec over the Ramadan period, to determine whether better glycemic control with fewer hypoglycemic episodes can be achieved.

Description of the Use of Subcutaneous Acetaminophen in Palliative Care Unit in France: Descriptive Questionnaire Survey

Acetaminophen is a drug commonly used in palliative care unit, for its antalgic and antipyretic effects. Several administration routes are possible but the use of the sub-cutaneous route is actually not supported by recommandations.

A Prospective Study of Apatinib Plus Concurrent Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy for Siewert II ,III of Locally Advanced HER-2 Negative Adenocarcinoma at Gastroesophageal Junction

The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of patients who receive concurrent neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for Siewert II ,III of locally advanced HER-2 negative adenocarcinoma at gastroesophageal junction.

Familial Clustering of Vitamin D Deficiency Via Shared Environment: The Korean National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey 2008-2012

Vitamin D deficiency is a modifiable risk factor for poor bone health. Familial correlation of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration (25(OH)D) was reported in twin- or family-based studies, mostly from Caucasian parent-offspring pairs. However, data on the familial association of 25(OH)D in extended family structure and the relative contribution of genetic and shared environmental factors on serum 25(OH)D level are limited in Asian populations. In this study, we aimed to asse...

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Refractory Ventricular Tachycardia

Single arm, phase Ib/2a dose escalation study with an expansion cohort to determine the maximal tolerated dose (MTD) for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy of targets in the cardiac myocardium and to make a preliminary assessment of the efficacy of the treatment. The dose escalation will be guided by Time-to-Event Continual Reassessment Method (TITE-CRM) to ensure more patients will be spared dose limiting toxicities and more patients will be entered on the dose level that will...

Deferred Versus Fresh Embryo Transfers

Controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) enhances the efficacy of ART (Assisted reproductive technology) by permitting multiple-oocyte yields, but also alters endometrial receptivity (ER) by an advancement of endometrial development which contributes to diminished pregnancy chances. Previous reports suggest that pregnancy rates are increased following deferred frozen embryo transfers. In addition as compared to fresh embryo transfers, frozen embryo transfers seem to be associated w...

PERsonal ContExtual Precision healTh

The exponential growth of physiological, behavioral and environmental data generated through consumer mobile health (mHealth) devices and Internet of Things (IoT) technology provide unprecedented sources of personalized and contextual health information. If linked to clinical health data from the Electronic Health Record (EHR), these data can provide dynamic and individualized views of patient health states and trajectories that can greatly inform clinical care and health-relat...

Prospective Multicenter Evaluation of the MycoGenie Kit for the Diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the performances of the real-time PCR ADEMTECH kit of DNA extraction and detection of Aspergillus fumigatus in serum samples in patients at high-risk for invasive aspergillosis (IA). DNA detection will be associated with detection of TR34/L98H mutations in cyp51A gene, which confer azole resistance.

Effect of Training Intensity on Health Outcomes in Diabetes

The project will investigate high intensity interval training on the glucose regulation in type 2 diabetic subjects compared to moderate continuous exercise.

TACE for HCC by TANDEM and Idarubicin

DcBeads and lipiodol-transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) using doxorubicin result in about 50% objective response rate at 6 months (Precision V study, Lammer et al. CVIR 2010) We previously demonstrated that idarubicin was the most effective drug on 3 HCC cell lines (Boulin et al., Anticancer drugs 2009). We tested idarubicin-loaded beads in a phase I trial (Boulin et al., Aliment Pharmacol Therapy 2012) and more recently in a prospective mu...

Cardiac Output Measurement by TEE

Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) has become a standard monitoring tool during cardiac surgery. It allows continuous accurate assessment of heart structures and function without interfering with the surgery and the anesthetics. The imaging of cardiac structures is used to direct optimal surgical intervention and assess surgical results. Cardiac output (CO) is the result of stroke volume (SV) multiplied by the heart rate. Measurement of cardiac output (CO) is used to quant...

Safety and Tolerability Trial (MVA-BN-Brachyury/FPV-Brachyury)

An open-label Phase 1 trial to evaluate the safety and tolerability of MVA-BN-Brachyury priming and FPV-Brachyury boost vaccines modified to express brachyury and T-cell costimulatory molecules in patients with a metastatic or unresectable locally advanced malignant solid tumor. Subjects will be given the following subcutaneous doses: two prime doses with MVA-BN-Brachyury and monthly boost doses with FPV-Brachyury for 6 months. The study will last approximately 104 weeks before...

Belgian Trial Investigating the LifeStream Stent in Complex TASC C and D Iliac Lesions

The BELSTREAM Trial investigates the efficacy of the LifeStream Peripheral Stent Graft System in the treatment of iliac stenotic or occlusive lesions (TASC C and D). An expected total of 70 patients will be treated. The lesion is located within the native Iliac arteries. Prior to stenting with the LifeStream Peripheral Stent Graft System, pre-dilatation can be performed according to the physician's discretion. Also post-dilatation can be performed according to the physician's d...

Markers in Follicular Fluid and in Embryo Culture Medium as a Marker of Oocyte and Embryo Quality

Assessment of the quality of follicular fluid and early embryo via chemical markers.

Sham Feeding Post-operative Infants

The purpose of this pilot study is to evaluate a feeding technique, sham feeding, to promote adequate oral skills in order to prevent oral aversion and/or poor oral skills due to the delay in oral feeds for surgical reasons. Sham feeding is intended for infants who are expected to have a prolonged course without normal enteral feeding by mouth.

Intravenous Ganaxolone as Adjunctive Therapy to Treat Subjects With Status Epilepticus

This study will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of an investigational drug, IV ganaxolone, as adjunctive therapy to standard of care to treat subjects with status epilepticus.

Evaluation of Host Biomarker-based Point-of-care Tests for Targeted Screening for Active TB

Title: Evaluation of host biomarker-based point-of-care tests for targeted screening for active TB (Screen TB) Introduction: Tuberculosis (TB) places severe pressure on health care services of the developing world. Despite the introduction of the highly sensitive and specific GeneXpert MTB/RIF (GeneXpert) test [1] with a potential turn-around time of two hours, many people in high TB prevalence areas still do not have access to efficient TB diagnostic services due to log...

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