Guanine-rich DNA-based peroxidase mimetics for colorimetric assays of alkaline phosphatase.

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Summary of "Guanine-rich DNA-based peroxidase mimetics for colorimetric assays of alkaline phosphatase."

DNA-based peroxidase mimetics are facilely constructed through Cu(II)-coordination with different oligonucleotides involving G20, C20, A20 and T20, respectively, with high peroxidase mimicking activity as well as high stability against proteins. Peroxidase-like activities of DNA-Cu(II) complexes are greatly associated with the sequence composition of DNA templates, which decrease in the following order: G20>C20>A20>T20. G20-Cu(II) complex ([Cu(2+)]/[base]=0.05) possesses the Km value of 0.257mM toward 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine and 102.3mM toward hydrogen peroxide at 25°C. G20-Cu(II) complexes are employed to develop a colorimetric turn-on assay of alkaline phosphatase with high sensitivity and selectivity, on the basis of pyrophosphate-induced inhibition of their intrinsic peroxidase-like activities. The limit of detection is achieved as 0.84U/L with the linear response region of 20-200U/L. Such colorimetric assay system is probably applicable for the quantitative determination of ALP in biological fluids.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A 66-kDa peroxidase found in EOSINOPHIL granules. Eosinophil peroxidase is a cationic protein with a pI of 10.8 and is comprised of a heavy chain subunit and a light chain subunit. It possesses cytotoxic activity towards BACTERIA and other organisms, which is attributed to its peroxidase activity.

Higher-order DNA and RNA structures formed from guanine-rich sequences. They are formed around a core of at least 2 stacked tetrads of hydrogen-bonded GUANINE bases. They can be formed from one two or four separate strands of DNA (or RNA) and can display a wide variety of topologies, which are a consequence of various combinations of strand direction, length, and sequence. (From Nucleic Acids Res. 2006;34(19):5402-15)

Methods used to measure the relative activity of a specific enzyme or its concentration in solution. Typically an enzyme substrate is added to a buffer solution containing enzyme and the rate of conversion of substrate to product is measured under controlled conditions. Many classical enzymatic assay methods involve the use of synthetic colorimetric substrates and measuring the reaction rates using a spectrophotometer.

A nucleic acid sequence that contains an above average number of GUANINE and CYTOSINE bases.

The lectin wheatgerm agglutinin conjugated to the enzyme HORSERADISH PEROXIDASE. It is widely used for tracing neural pathways.

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