Multiply "trapped" 3trans-Pt(PR3)2(Ctriple bond, length as m-dashCC6H4X)2* conformers in rigid media.

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Summary of "Multiply "trapped" 3trans-Pt(PR3)2(Ctriple bond, length as m-dashCC6H4X)2* conformers in rigid media."

The complexes (R = Me, Et, Bu; X = H, SMe) exhibit well-defined multi-exponential emissions (2-4 components) in the solid state at 77 and 298 K and in 2MeTHF glasses at 77 K due to multiple frozen conformers exhibiting variable dihedral angles formed by the PtP2C2 and C6H4 planes. The demonstration was made using X-ray crystallography at various temperatures where different sites are present in the samples, and using geometry optimization (DFT computations) where various stable conformers are noted.


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