Conformational Ensemble and Biological Role of the TCTP Intrinsically Disordered Region: Influence of Calcium and Phosphorylation.

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Summary of "Conformational Ensemble and Biological Role of the TCTP Intrinsically Disordered Region: Influence of Calcium and Phosphorylation."

The translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) is a multifunctional protein that may interact with many other bio-mole-cules, including itself. The experimental determinations of TCTP structure revealed a folded core domain and an intrinsically disordered region, which includes the first highly conserved TCTP signature, but whose role in the protein functions remains to be elucidated. In this work, we combined NMR experiments and MD simulations to characterize the conformational ensemble of the TCTP intrinsically disordered loop, in the presence or not of calcium ions and with or without the phosphorylation of Ser46 and Ser64. Our results show that these changes in the TCTP electrostatic conditions induce significant shifts of its conformational ensemble towards structures more or less extended in which the disordered loop is pulled away or folded against the core domain. Particularly, these conditions impact the transient contacts between the two highly conservedsignatures of the protein. Moreover, both experimental and theoretical data show that the interface of the non-covalent TCTP dimerization involves its second signature which suggests that this region might be involved in protein-protein interaction. We also show that calcium hampers the formation of TCTP dimers, likely by favoring the competitive binding of the disordered loop to the dimerization interface. All together, we propose that the TCTP intrinsically disordered region is involved in remodeling the core domain surface to modulate its accessibility to its partners in response to a variety of cellular conditions.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Functional proteins that do not have unique, stable, folded, three-dimensional native structures or that possess non-ordered regions under physiological conditions. They are characterized by extraordinary structural flexibility and plasticity, which enable them to adopt different conformations in response to different stimuli or different interactions.

A genomic region found in DROSOPHILA. The region contains genes encoding BASIC HELIX-LOOP-HELIX TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS that play a critical role in the regulation of pattern formation during EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT.

Post-transcriptional biological modification of messenger, transfer, or ribosomal RNAs or their precursors. It includes cleavage, methylation, thiolation, isopentenylation, pseudouridine formation, conformational changes, and association with ribosomal protein.

Protein domains that are enriched in PROLINE. The cyclical nature of proline causes the peptide bonds it forms to have a limited degree of conformational mobility. Therefore the presence of multiple prolines in close proximity to each other can convey a distinct conformational arrangement to a peptide chain.

Complex pharmaceutical substances, preparations, or agents of organic origin, usually obtained by biological methods or assay. They are used especially in diagnosis and treatment of disease (as vaccines or pollen extracts). Biological products are differentiated from BIOLOGICAL FACTORS in that the latter are compounds with biological or physiological activity made by living organisms. (From Webster's 3d ed)

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