ISCEV extended protocol for the dark-adapted red flash ERG.

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Summary of "ISCEV extended protocol for the dark-adapted red flash ERG."

The International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV) standard for full-field electroretinography (ERG) describes a minimum procedure, but encourages more extensive testing. This ISCEV extended protocol describes an extension to the ERG standard, namely the dark-adapted (DA) red flash ERG. The DA red flash ERG can be incorporated conveniently within the ISCEV standard ERG protocol after a minimum of 20-min DA and recorded after the DA 0.01 ERG to a flash strength of 0.3 phot cd s m, eliciting a waveform with two positive peaks in healthy individuals. The first positive component is the cone-mediated x-wave with a peak at 30-50 ms; the second is a rod-mediated b-wave with a peak time of approximately 100 ms. Shorter DA times may be desirable to shorten the recording time or to alter the prominence of the early cone-mediated x-wave relative to the rod-mediated b-wave. The DA red flash ERG is used to aid the diagnosis of achromatopsia (rod monochromacy), cone dystrophy and other forms of cone system dysfunction, including "Bradyopsia" (RGS9/R9AP-retinopathy), when the DA red flash ERG x-wave is preserved in the absence of ISCEV standard LA ERGs. The DA red flash ERG can also help determine the origin of residual DA ERGs in cases of severe rod dysfunction, for example in disorders such as vitamin A deficiency, fundus albipunctatus (RDH5-retinopathy), Oguchi disease (SAG- or GRK1-retinopathy) and some rod-cone dystrophies. To shorter DA periods, the x-wave may be elicited without the following rod b-wave, shown to be helpful in abbreviated protocols for children.


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Any dummy medication or treatment. Although placebos originally were medicinal preparations having no specific pharmacological activity against a targeted condition, the concept has been extended to include treatments or procedures, especially those administered to control groups in clinical trials in order to provide baseline measurements for the experimental protocol.

Adjustment of the eyes under conditions of low light. The sensitivity of the eye to light is increased during dark adaptation.

Hydrophilic contact lenses worn for an extended period or permanently.

A malpresentation of the FETUS at near term or during OBSTETRIC LABOR with the fetal cephalic pole in the fundus of the UTERUS. There are three types of breech: the complete breech with flexed hips and knees; the incomplete breech with one or both hips partially or fully extended; the frank breech with flexed hips and extended knees.

Sudden onset water phenomena with different speed of occurrence. These include flash floods, seasonal river floods, and coastal floods, associated with CYCLONIC STORMS; TIDALWAVES; and storm surges.

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