Nrf2-Mediated Fibroblast Reprogramming Drives Cellular Senescence by Targeting the Matrisome.

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Summary of "Nrf2-Mediated Fibroblast Reprogramming Drives Cellular Senescence by Targeting the Matrisome."

Nrf2 is a key regulator of the antioxidant defense system, and pharmacological Nrf2 activation is a promising strategy for cancer prevention and promotion of tissue repair. Here we show, however, that activation of Nrf2 in fibroblasts induces cellular senescence. Using a combination of transcriptomics, matrix proteomics, chromatin immunoprecipitation and bioinformatics we demonstrate that fibroblasts with activated Nrf2 deposit a senescence-promoting matrix, with plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 being a key inducer of the senescence program. In vivo, activation of Nrf2 in fibroblasts promoted re-epithelialization of skin wounds, but also skin tumorigenesis. The pro-tumorigenic activity is of general relevance, since Nrf2 activation in skin fibroblasts induced the expression of genes characteristic for cancer-associated fibroblasts from different mouse and human tumors. Therefore, activated Nrf2 qualifies as a marker of the cancer-associated fibroblast phenotype. These data highlight the bright and the dark sides of Nrf2 and the need for time-controlled activation of this transcription factor.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Process by which cells irreversibly stop dividing and enter a state of permanent growth arrest without undergoing CELL DEATH. Senescence can be induced by DNA DAMAGE or other cellular stresses, such as OXIDATIVE STRESS.

Procedures used for the induction of CELLULAR REPROGRAMMING to change the terminal phenotype of a cell, such as the generation of INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS from differentiated adult cells by the forced expression of specific genes.

A fibroblast growth factor receptor that is found in two isoforms. One receptor isoform is found in the MESENCHYME and is activated by FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTOR 2. A second isoform of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 is found mainly in EPITHELIAL CELLS and is activated by FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTOR 7 and FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTOR 10. Mutation of the gene for fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 can result in APERT SYNDROME.

The most divergent of the known fibroblast growth factor receptors. It does not contain an intracellular TYROSINE KINASE domain and has been shown to interact with FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTOR 2. Fibroblast growth factor receptor 5 is found primarily in skeletal tissue.

A process where fully differentiated or specialized cells revert to pluripotency or a less differentiated cell type.

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