One-pot synthesis of β-lactams by the Ugi and Michael addition cascade reaction.

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Summary of "One-pot synthesis of β-lactams by the Ugi and Michael addition cascade reaction."

Diversity-oriented synthesis of β-lactams was achieved via Ugi/Michael reaction cascades under mild conditions. The intramolecular hydrogen bonding between the heteroatom from an aldehyde component and the amide NH group controls the chemoselectivity of the Michael reaction versus the aza-Michael reaction. DFT calculation was performed to clarify the mechanism, chemo-selectivity and diastereoselectivity of this work. This one-pot protocol offers a straightforward method to build a diversified β-lactam library for drug discovery.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

LACTAMS forming compounds with a ring size of approximately 1-3 dozen atoms.

Cyclic AMIDES formed from aminocarboxylic acids by the elimination of water. Lactims are the enol forms of lactams.

A reaction characterized by a violet color upon the addition of copper sulfate to all compounds with two amide or peptide bonds linked directly or through an intermediate carbon atom. Used in the detection and estimation of proteins and peptides having more than two amino acids.

An ATP-dependent enzyme that catalyzes the addition of ADP to alpha-D-glucose 1-phosphate to form ADP-glucose and diphosphate. The reaction is the rate-limiting reaction in prokaryotic GLYCOGEN and plant STARCH biosynthesis.

An early local inflammatory reaction to insult or injury that consists of fever, an increase in inflammatory humoral factors, and an increased synthesis by hepatocytes of a number of proteins or glycoproteins usually found in the plasma.

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