Lactobionic/folate dual-targeted amphiphilic maltodextrin-based micelles for targeted co-delivery of sulfasalazine and resveratrol to hepatocellular carcinoma.

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Summary of "Lactobionic/folate dual-targeted amphiphilic maltodextrin-based micelles for targeted co-delivery of sulfasalazine and resveratrol to hepatocellular carcinoma."

In this study, promising approaches of dual-targeted micelles and drug-polymer conjugation were combined to enable injection of poorly soluble anti-cancer drugs together with site-specific drug release. Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) as a hepatoprotective agent was grafted to maltodextrin (MD) via carbodiimide coupling to develop amphiphilic maltodextrin-ursodeoxycholic acid (MDCA)-based micelles. Sulfasalazine (SSZ), as a novel anti-cancer agent, was conjugated via a tumor-cleavable ester bond to MD backbone to obtain tumor-specific release whereas resveratrol (RSV) was physically entrapped within the hydrophobic micellar core. For maximal tumor-targeting, both folic acid (FA) and lactobionic acid (LA) were coupled to the surface of micelles to obtain dual-targeted micelles. The decrease of critical micelle concentration (CMC) from 0.012 to 0.006 mg/ml declares the significance of dual hydrophobicized core of micelles by both UDCA and SSZ. The dual-targeted micelles showed a great hemocompatibility, as well as enhanced cytotoxicity and internalization into HepG-2 liver cancer cells via binding to over-expressed folate and asialoglycoprotein receptors. In vivo, the micelles demonstrated superior anti-tumor effects revealed as reduction in the liver/body weight ratio, inhibition of angiogenesis and enhanced apoptosis. Overall, combined strategies of dual active targeted micelles with bioresponsive drug conjugation could be utilized as a promising approach for tumor-targeted drug delivery.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Particles consisting of aggregates of molecules held loosely together by secondary bonds. The surface of micelles are usually comprised of amphiphatic compounds that are oriented in a way that minimizes the energy of interaction between the micelle and its environment. Liquids that contain large numbers of suspended micelles are referred to as EMULSIONS.

A subtype of GPI-anchored folate receptors that is expressed in PLACENTA and hematopoietic cells.

A subtype of GPI-anchored folate receptors that is expressed in tissues of epithelial origin. This protein is also identified as an ovarian-tumor-specific antigen.

Radiotherapy where cytotoxic radionuclides are linked to antibodies in order to deliver toxins directly to tumor targets. Therapy with targeted radiation rather than antibody-targeted toxins (IMMUNOTOXINS) has the advantage that adjacent tumor cells, which lack the appropriate antigenic determinants, can be destroyed by radiation cross-fire. Radioimmunotherapy is sometimes called targeted radiotherapy, but this latter term can also refer to radionuclides linked to non-immune molecules (see RADIOTHERAPY).

The co-existence of a substance abuse disorder with a psychiatric disorder. The diagnostic principle is based on the fact that it has been found often that chemically dependent patients also have psychiatric problems of various degrees of severity.

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