Association Between GSTP1 Ile105Val Genetic Polymorphism and Dependency to Heroin and Opium.

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Summary of "Association Between GSTP1 Ile105Val Genetic Polymorphism and Dependency to Heroin and Opium."

Relationship between glutathione S-transferase P1 (GSTP1,
134660) variants and the risk of drug dependency is unknown. Chronic use of illegal drugs leads to oxidative stress, which can be alleviated by cellular detoxification mechanisms. There are several polymorphisms in the GSTP1, including Ile105Val (rs1695). This polymorphism leads to an Ile105Val amino acid change and may alter the GSTP1 enzyme activity. There is no study on the association between this polymorphism and risks of heroin (HD) or opium (OD) dependency. This paper consists of two case-control studies. The first study consisted of 442 HD subjects and 794 healthy controls. The second study consisted of 143 cases with OD and 565 healthy blood donors as controls. Genotyping were carried out using PCR based method. The Ile/Val (OR 0.84, 95% CI 0.65-1.07, P = 0.165) and Val/Val (OR 0.87, 95% CI 0.56-1.36, P = 0.879) genotypes did not show significant association with the risk of HD. Neither the Ile/Val (OR 0.72, 95% CI 0.49-1.06, P = 0.103) nor the Val/Val (OR 0.61, 95% CI 0.29-1.30, P = 0.209) was associated with the risk of OD. The GSTP1 Ile105Val polymorphism was not associated with the risk of dependency to opium and heroin.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Strong dependence, both physiological and emotional, upon heroin.

The regular and simultaneous occurrence in a single interbreeding population of two or more discontinuous genotypes. The concept includes differences in genotypes ranging in size from a single nucleotide site (POLYMORPHISM, SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE) to large nucleotide sequences visible at a chromosomal level.

A syndrome associated with inflammation of the BRACHIAL PLEXUS. Clinical features include severe pain in the shoulder region which may be accompanied by MUSCLE WEAKNESS and loss of sensation in the upper extremity. This condition may be associated with VIRUS DISEASES; IMMUNIZATION; SURGERY; heroin use (see HEROIN DEPENDENCE); and other conditions. The term brachial neuralgia generally refers to pain associated with brachial plexus injury. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1355-6)

Production of new arrangements of DNA by various mechanisms such as assortment and segregation, CROSSING OVER; GENE CONVERSION; GENETIC TRANSFORMATION; GENETIC CONJUGATION; GENETIC TRANSDUCTION; or mixed infection of viruses.

The discipline studying genetic composition of populations and effects of factors such as GENETIC SELECTION, population size, MUTATION, migration, and GENETIC DRIFT on the frequencies of various GENOTYPES and PHENOTYPES using a variety of GENETIC TECHNIQUES.

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