"Basal Cell Migration" in Regeneration of the Corneal Wound-Bed.

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Summary of ""Basal Cell Migration" in Regeneration of the Corneal Wound-Bed."

In this issue of Stem Cell Reports, Park et al. (2019) describe real-time in vivo visual monitoring of keratin-14, Confetti-labeled limbal epithelial stem cells and their progeny as they contribute to central corneal wound-healing. The authors show that corneal wounds initially heal by "basal epithelial cell migration" into the wound-bed.


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Name: Stem cell reports
ISSN: 2213-6711
Pages: 3-5


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Corneal regeneration by conditioned medium of human uterine cervical stem cells is mediated by TIMP-1 and TIMP-2.

The aim off the present study was to evaluate the effect and the mechanism of action of the conditioned medium from human uterine cervical stem cells (CM-hUCESC) on corneal wound healing in a rabbit d...

Differential Distribution of Laminin N-Terminus α31 Across the Ocular Surface: Implications for Corneal Wound Repair.

Laminin N-terminus (LaNt) α31 is a relatively unstudied protein derived from the laminin α3 gene but structurally similar to netrins. LaNt α31 has, to date, been investigated only in two-dimensiona...

Alginate encapsulated multipotent adult progenitor cells promote corneal stromal cell activation via release of soluble factors.

To reduce the increasing need for corneal transplantation, attempts are currently aiming to restore corneal clarity, one potent source of cells are multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPC®). These c...

Sirt3 regulates mitophagy level to promote diabetic corneal epithelial wound healing.

We aim to investigate how Sirt3 (silent mating type information regulation 2 homolog 3) promoting diabetic corneal epithelial wound healing by regulating mitophagy. The effect of HG(High Glucose, 25...

Gliding Basal Cell Migration of the Urothelium during Wound Healing.

Collective cell migration during wound healing has been extensively studied in the epidermis. However, it remains unknown whether the urothelium repairs wounds in a manner similar to the epidermis. By...

Clinical Trials [9143 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Corneal Epithelial Wound Healing Difference Between Human Autoserum and Cord Blood Serum

Human serum eye drops have been successfully used in the treatment of severe ocular surface disorders and the enhancement of corneal wound healing. Umbilical cord serum is also proven to b...

Ripasudil 0.4% Eye Drops in Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy

The cornea forms our "window to the world". Hence, its transparency is of utmost importance for vision. Corneal endothelium plays a central role in the maintenance of a transparent corneal...

Randomized Study of Photodynamic Therapy Using Dihematoporphyrin in Patients With Corneal Neovascularization

OBJECTIVES: I. Demonstrate the safety and efficacy of dihematoporphyrin derivative (DHP) in laser photodynamic therapy (PDT) in patients with corneal neovascularization. II. Docume...

An Exploratory Study on the Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease With Autologous Bronchial Basal Cell Transplantation

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is characterized by recurrent cough, expectoration and asthma, and eventually develop chronic pulmonary heart disease ,chronic respiratory failure and...

Using in Vivo Confocal Microscope to Evaluate the Corneal Wound Healing After Various Ocular Surgeries

Although epi-keratome laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (Epi-LASIK), penetrating keratoplasty and pars plana vitrectomy with corneal epithelial debridement for diabetic retinopathy are...

Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Procedures for enhancing and directing tissue repair and renewal processes, such as BONE REGENERATION; NERVE REGENERATION; etc. They involve surgically implanting growth conducive tracks or conduits (TISSUE SCAFFOLDING) at the damaged site to stimulate and control the location of cell repopulation. The tracks or conduits are made from synthetic and/or natural materials and may include support cells and induction factors for CELL GROWTH PROCESSES; or CELL MIGRATION.

A preparation consisting of PLATELETS concentrated in a limited volume of PLASMA. This is used in various surgical tissue regeneration procedures where the GROWTH FACTORS in the platelets enhance wound healing and regeneration.

Phenomenon of cell-mediated immunity measured by in vitro inhibition of the migration or phagocytosis of antigen-stimulated LEUKOCYTES or MACROPHAGES. Specific CELL MIGRATION ASSAYS have been developed to estimate levels of migration inhibitory factors, immune reactivity against tumor-associated antigens, and immunosuppressive effects of infectious microorganisms.

A layer of the cornea. It is the basal lamina of the CORNEAL ENDOTHELIUM (from which it is secreted) separating it from the CORNEAL STROMA. It is a homogeneous structure composed of fine collagenous filaments, and slowly increases in thickness with age.

The application of a vacuum across the surface of a wound through a foam dressing cut to fit the wound. This removes wound exudates, reduces build-up of inflammatory mediators, and increases the flow of nutrients to the wound thus promoting healing.

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