The Possible Intermediacy of Cyclopropane Complexes in the Isomerization of Aliphatic Amine Radical Cations.

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Summary of "The Possible Intermediacy of Cyclopropane Complexes in the Isomerization of Aliphatic Amine Radical Cations."

The isomerization of aliphatic amine radical cations via intermediate [cyclopropane-NH 3 ] +. and [cyclopropane-amine] +. ion- neutral complexes was studied experimentally with double-focusing mass spectrometers and computationally with composite ab initio methods. The results examine and extend Audier's suggestion that primary amine radical cations with alkyl substituents at the β- and/or γ- carbon atoms isomerize via transient complexes of NH 3 and alkyl cyclopropanes; these are formed by ring closure of the easily accessible γ-distonic isomers. Ionized amines with substituents at the α-carbon may react analogously when trialkyl cyclopropane complexes can be formed. Isomerization via complex intermediates is a major reaction pathway when the internal energy of the amine radical cation is less than that required for simple CC-bond cleavage. Complexes of unsubstituted or monosubstituted ionized cyclopropanes rarely contribute to the isomerization reactions. Secondary and tertiary amine radical cations do not undergo isomerization via cyclopropane intermediates, whereas aliphatic ether radical cations do.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Organic esters or salts of sulfonic acid derivatives containing an aliphatic hydrocarbon radical.

Biogenic amines having more than one amine group. These are long-chain aliphatic compounds that contain multiple amino and/or imino groups. Because of the linear arrangement of positive charge on these molecules, polyamines bind electrostatically to ribosomes, DNA, and RNA.

The univalent radical OH. Hydroxyl radical is a potent oxidizing agent.

Three-carbon cycloparaffin cyclopropane (the structural formula (CH2)3) and its derivatives.

Inorganic salts of HYDROGEN CYANIDE containing the -CN radical. The concept also includes isocyanides. It is distinguished from NITRILES, which denotes organic compounds containing the -CN radical.

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