Atomically dispersed Ru species inside MOFs combining high activity of atomic sites and molecular sieving effect of MOFs.

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Summary of "Atomically dispersed Ru species inside MOFs combining high activity of atomic sites and molecular sieving effect of MOFs."

Incorporating atomically dispersed metal species into functionalized metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can integrate their respective merits to have important applications in catalysis. Here we report a cage-controlled encapsulation and reduction strategy to fabricate single Ru atoms and triatomic Ru3 clusters anchored on ZIF-8 (Ru1@ZIF-8, Ru3@ZIF-8). The highly efficient and selective catalysis for semi-hydrogenation of alkyne is observed. The excellent activity derives from high atom-efficiency of atomically dispersed Ru active sites and hydrogen enrichment by ZIF-8 shell. Meanwhile, ZIF-8 shell serves as a novel "molecular sieve" for olefins to achieve the absolute regioselectivity of catalyzing terminal alkynes but not internal alkynes. Moreover, the size-dependent performance between Ru3@ZIF-8 and Ru1@ZIF-8 is detected in experiment and understood by quantum-chemical calculations, demonstrating a new and promising approach to optimize catalysts by preciously controlling the number of atoms.


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Name: Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
ISSN: 1521-3773


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