Hans Bluntschli in Berne: Researching reproduction in hedgehog tenrecs (Afrosoricida, Tenrecidae).

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Summary of "Hans Bluntschli in Berne: Researching reproduction in hedgehog tenrecs (Afrosoricida, Tenrecidae)."

The Swiss anatomist Hans Bluntschli is best known as a primatologist. Yet, his focus during his later years in Berne was on reproduction in Malagasy tenrecs. This research was done with two graduate students, Robert Goetz and Fritz Strauss; all three had been obliged to leave Germany after the National Socialists came to power. Unique features of reproduction in tenrecs included nonantral follicles, intrafollicular fertilization, eversion of the corpus luteum, and polyovulation. The fertilized egg formed a blastula that developed into a blastocyst; there was no morula stage. A false placental cushion developed in the endometrium opposite the implantation site. Placentation was complex and included development of a prominent haemophagous organ. These findings are discussed in relation to current concepts of mammalian phylogeny that place tenrecs and golden moles in the same order and as close relatives to elephant shrews and the aardvark.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A frizzled-like, G-protein-coupled receptor that associates with PATCHED RECEPTORS to transduce signals from HEDGEHOG PROTEINS and initiate hedgehog signaling to ZINC FINGER PROTEIN GLI1. It may normally inhibit signaling in the absence of SONIC HEDGEHOG PROTEIN binding to PATCHED RECEPTOR-1.

A family of intercellular signaling proteins that play and important role in regulating the development of many TISSUES and organs. Their name derives from the observation of a hedgehog-like appearance in DROSOPHILA embryos with genetic mutations that block their action.

A patched receptor for several HEDGEHOG PROTEINS that associates with the SMOOTHENED RECEPTOR to modulate hedgehog signaling. It is also a TUMOR SUPPRESSOR PROTEIN; mutations in the patched-1 gene are associated with BASAL CELL NEVUS SYNDROME; SQUAMOUS CELL CARCNIOMA of the ESOPHAGUS; trichoepitheliomas, and CARCINOMA, TRANSITIONAL CELL of the URINARY BLADDER.

Reproduction without fusion of two types of cells, mostly found in ALGAE; FUNGI; and PLANTS. Asexual reproduction occurs in several ways, such as budding, fission, or splitting from "parent" cells. Only few groups of ANIMALS reproduce asexually or unisexually (PARTHENOGENESIS).

An order of insect eating MAMMALS including MOLES; SHREWS; HEDGEHOGS and tenrecs.

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