Excessive mechanical loading promotes osteoarthritis through the gremlin-1-NF-κB pathway.

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Summary of "Excessive mechanical loading promotes osteoarthritis through the gremlin-1-NF-κB pathway."

Exposure of articular cartilage to excessive mechanical loading is deeply involved in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. Here, we identify gremlin-1 as a mechanical loading-inducible factor in chondrocytes, detected at high levels in middle and deep layers of cartilage after cyclic strain or hydrostatic pressure loading. Gremlin-1 activates nuclear factor-κB signalling, leading to subsequent induction of catabolic enzymes. In mice intra-articular administration of gremlin-1 antibody or chondrocyte-specific deletion of Gremlin-1 decelerates osteoarthritis development, while intra-articular administration of recombinant gremlin-1 exacerbates this process. Furthermore, ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 activation induced by mechanical loading enhances reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. Amongst ROS-activating transcription factors, RelA/p65 induces Gremlin-1 transcription, which antagonizes induction of anabolic genes such as Sox9, Col2a1, and Acan by bone morphogenetic proteins. Thus, gremlin-1 plays essential roles in cartilage degeneration by excessive mechanical loading.


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Name: Nature communications
ISSN: 2041-1723
Pages: 1442


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An important soluble regulator of the alternative pathway of complement activation (COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION PATHWAY, ALTERNATIVE). It is a 139-kDa glycoprotein expressed by the liver and secreted into the blood. It binds to COMPLEMENT C3B and makes iC3b (inactivated complement 3b) susceptible to cleavage by COMPLEMENT FACTOR I. Complement factor H also inhibits the association of C3b with COMPLEMENT FACTOR B to form the C3bB proenzyme, and promotes the dissociation of Bb from the C3bBb complex (COMPLEMENT C3 CONVERTASE, ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY).

A branched-chain essential amino acid that has stimulant activity. It promotes muscle growth and tissue repair. It is a precursor in the penicillin biosynthetic pathway.

Mechanical devices used to produce or assist pulmonary ventilation.


A pathway of fibers that originates in the lateral part of the ENTORHINAL CORTEX, perforates the SUBICULUM of the HIPPOCAMPUS, and runs into the stratum moleculare of the hippocampus, where these fibers synapse with others that go to the DENTATE GYRUS where the pathway terminates. It is also known as the perforating fasciculus.

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