Chitosan-coated different particles in spouted bed and their use in dye continuous adsorption system.

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Summary of "Chitosan-coated different particles in spouted bed and their use in dye continuous adsorption system."

In this work, three polymer suspensions were used for coating glass beads (GB), porcelain beads (PB), and polyethylene pellets (PP) in spouted bed. Subsequently, the continuous adsorption assays of the food dye Brilliant Blue FCF in a fixed bed column were performed, which was packed with the covered particles. Also, the static adsorption assays were carried out. The adsorption equilibrium isotherms were fitted by Freundlich, Langmuir, and Temkin models, being that the Temkin model was the most suitable to represent the equilibrium data. The particle coating in the spouted bed showed promising results due to the high efficiency of the process. The PB, GB, and PP obtained coating efficiency values in the range to 92-96% when using the suspension of chitosan and hydroxyethyl cellulose. However, only the polyethylene particles coated with the chitosan suspension maintained its coating efficiency (95%). The maximum adsorption capacities at equilibrium of the coated particles of PP and GB were achieved with the chitosan suspension, being the values of around 800 mg g. Thus, the chitosan-coated polyethylene particles showed to be a promising adsorbent for fixed bed column. Graphical abstract.


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Name: Environmental science and pollution research international
ISSN: 1614-7499


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Synthesized magnetic particles under 100 nanometers possessing many biomedical applications including DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS and CONTRAST AGENTS. The particles are usually coated with a variety of polymeric compounds.

Two-phase systems in which one is uniformly dispersed in another as particles small enough so they cannot be filtered or will not settle out. The dispersing or continuous phase or medium envelops the particles of the discontinuous phase. All three states of matter can form colloids among each other.

Specialized regions of the cell membrane composed of pits coated with a bristle covering made of the protein CLATHRIN. These pits are the entry route for macromolecules bound by cell surface receptors. The pits are then internalized into the cytoplasm to form the COATED VESICLES.

TRANSPORT VESICLES formed when cell-membrane coated pits (COATED PITS, CELL-MEMBRANE) invaginate and pinch off. The outer surface of these vesicles is covered with a lattice-like network of COP (coat protein complex) proteins, either COPI or COPII. COPI coated vesicles transport backwards from the cisternae of the GOLGI APPARATUS to the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM, ROUGH), while COPII coated vesicles transport forward from the rough endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus.

A technique used to separate particles according to their densities in a continuous density gradient. The sample is usually mixed with a solution of known gradient materials and subjected to centrifugation. Each particle sediments to the position at which the gradient density is equal to its own. The range of the density gradient is usually greater than that of the sample particles. It is used in purifying biological materials such as proteins, nucleic acids, organelles, and cell types.

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