Comparative solution and structural studies of half-sandwich rhodium and ruthenium complexes bearing curcumin and acetylacetone.

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Summary of "Comparative solution and structural studies of half-sandwich rhodium and ruthenium complexes bearing curcumin and acetylacetone."

Half-sandwich organometallic complexes of curcumin are extensively investigated as anticancer compounds. Speciation studies were performed to explore the solution stability of curcumin complexes formed with [Rh(η-CMe)(HO)]. Acetylacetone (Hacac), as the simplest β-diketone ligand bearing (O,O) donor set, was involved for comparison and its Ru(η‑p‑cymene), Ru(η‑toluene) complexes were also studied. H NMR, UV-visible and pH-potentiometric titrations revealed a clear trend of stability constants of the acac complexes: Ru(η‑p‑cymene) > Ru(η‑toluene) > Rh(η-CMe). Despite this order, the highest extent of complex formation is seen for the Rh(η-CMe) complexes at pH 7.4. Formation constant of [Rh(η-CMe)(Hcurcumin)(HO)] reveals similar solution stability to that of the acac complex. Additionally, structures of two complexes were determined by X-ray crystallography. The in vitro cytotoxicity of curcumin was not improved by the complexation with these organometallic cations.


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Name: Journal of inorganic biochemistry
ISSN: 1873-3344
Pages: 91-100


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Unstable isotopes of ruthenium that decay or disintegrate emitting radiation. Ru atoms with atomic weights 93-95, 97, 103, and 105-108 are radioactive ruthenium isotopes.

Rhodium. A hard and rare metal of the platinum group, atomic number 45, atomic weight 102.905, symbol Rh. (Dorland, 28th ed)

Inorganic compounds that contain ruthenium as an integral part of the molecule.

Comparative studies to verify the effectiveness of diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques determined in phase II studies. During these trials, patients are monitored closely by physicians to identify any adverse reactions from long-term use. These studies are performed on groups of patients large enough to identify clinically significant responses and usually last about three years. This concept includes phase III studies conducted in both the U.S. and in other countries.

Studies comparing two or more treatments or interventions in which the subjects or patients, upon completion of the course of one treatment, are switched to another. In the case of two treatments, A and B, half the subjects are randomly allocated to receive these in the order A, B and half to receive them in the order B, A. A criticism of this design is that effects of the first treatment may carry over into the period when the second is given. (Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)

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