A Highly Divergent Picornavirus Infecting the Gut Epithelia of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) in Research Institutions Worldwide.

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Summary of "A Highly Divergent Picornavirus Infecting the Gut Epithelia of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) in Research Institutions Worldwide."

Zebrafish have been extensively used as a model system for research in vertebrate development and pathogen-host interactions. We describe the complete genome of a novel picornavirus identified during a viral metagenomics analysis of zebrafish gut tissue. The closest relatives of this virus showed identity of <20% in their P1 capsids and <36% in their RdRp qualifying zebrafish picornavirus-1 (ZfPV-1) as member of a novel genus with a proposed name of Cyprivirus. Reverse transcription (RT)-PCR testing of zebrafish from North America, Europe, and Asia showed ZfPV-1 to be globally distributed, being detected in 23 of 41 (56%) institutions tested. In situ hybridization of whole zebrafish showed viral RNA was restricted to a subset of enterocytes and cells in the subjacent lamina propria of the intestine and the intestinal mucosa. This naturally occurring and apparently asymptomatic infection (in wild-type zebrafish lineage AB) provides a natural infection system to study picornavirus-host interactions in an advanced vertebrate model organism. Whether ZfPV-1 infection affects any immunological, developmental, or other biological processes in wild-type or mutant zebrafish lineages remains to be determined.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Proteins obtained from the ZEBRAFISH. Many of the proteins in this species have been the subject of studies involving basic embryological development (EMBRYOLOGY).

A group of homologous proteins which form the intermembrane channels of GAP JUNCTIONS. The connexins are the products of an identified gene family which has both highly conserved and highly divergent regions. The variety contributes to the wide range of functional properties of gap junctions.

A type I keratin found associated with KERATIN-7 in ductal epithelia and gastrointestinal epithelia.

A type II keratin found associated with KERATIN-19 in ductal epithelia and gastrointestinal epithelia.

A species of PARVOVIRUS infecting cats with a highly contagious enteric disease. Host range variants include mink enteritis virus, canine parvovirus (PARVOVIRUS, CANINE), and raccoon parvovirus. After infecting their new hosts, many of these viruses have further evolved and are now considered distinct species.

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