Fusion of Reprogramming Factors Alters the Trajectory of Somatic Lineage Conversion.

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Summary of "Fusion of Reprogramming Factors Alters the Trajectory of Somatic Lineage Conversion."

Simultaneous expression of Oct4, Klf4, Sox2, and cMyc induces pluripotency in somatic cells (iPSCs). Replacing Oct4 with the neuro-specific factor Brn4 leads to transdifferentiation of fibroblasts into induced neural stem cells (iNSCs). However, Brn4 was recently found to induce transient acquisition of pluripotency before establishing the neural fate. We employed genetic lineage tracing and found that induction of iNSCs with individual vectors leads to direct lineage conversion. In contrast, polycistronic expression produces a Brn4-Klf4 fusion protein that enables induction of pluripotency. Our study demonstrates that a combination of pluripotency and tissue-specific factors allows direct somatic cell transdifferentiation, bypassing the acquisition of a pluripotent state. This result has major implications for lineage conversion technologies, which hold potential for providing a safer alternative to iPSCs for clinical application both in vitro and in vivo.


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Name: Cell reports
ISSN: 2211-1247
Pages: 30-39.e4


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

The process that reverts CELL NUCLEI of fully differentiated somatic cells to a pluripotent or totipotent state. This process can be achieved to a certain extent by NUCLEAR TRANSFER TECHNIQUES, such as fusing somatic cell nuclei with enucleated pluripotent embryonic stem cells or enucleated totipotent oocytes. GENE EXPRESSION PROFILING of the fused hybrid cells is used to determine the degree of reprogramming. Dramatic results of nuclear reprogramming include the generation of cloned mammals, such as Dolly the sheep in 1997.

Fusion of somatic cells in vitro or in vivo, which results in somatic cell hybridization.

Procedures used for the induction of CELLULAR REPROGRAMMING to change the terminal phenotype of a cell, such as the generation of INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS from differentiated adult cells by the forced expression of specific genes.

Any detectable and heritable alteration in the lineage of germ cells. Mutations in these cells (i.e., "generative" cells ancestral to the gametes) are transmitted to progeny while those in somatic cells are not.

The GENETIC RECOMBINATION of the parts of two or more GENES resulting in a gene with different or additional regulatory regions, or a new chimeric gene product. ONCOGENE FUSION includes an ONCOGENE as at least one of the fusion partners and such gene fusions are often detected in neoplastic cells and are transcribed into ONCOGENE FUSION PROTEINS. ARTIFICIAL GENE FUSION is carried out in vitro by RECOMBINANT DNA technology.

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