Fabrication of molybdenum and tungsten oxide, sulfide, phosphide (MoWO/MoWS/MoWP) porous hollow nano-octahedrons from metal-organic frameworks templates as efficient hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalysts.

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Summary of "Fabrication of molybdenum and tungsten oxide, sulfide, phosphide (MoWO/MoWS/MoWP) porous hollow nano-octahedrons from metal-organic frameworks templates as efficient hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalysts."

A metal-organic frameworks-derived sulfuration and phosphorization method is developed for constructing a hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) electrocatalyst (MoWOSP@C), which is composed of MoWO nanoparticles, MoWS nanosheets, and MoWP nanoparticles coated with a porous hollow carbon matrix. The three-dimensional MoWOSP@C nano-octahedron shows excellent catalytic activity with a low overpotential of -118 mV at a current density of -10 mA cm and a small Tafel slope of 74.1 mV dec, which are all higher than those of the single phase components. The outstanding performance of the MoWOSP@C is due to the highly exposed active sites and synergistic effects of the MoWS and MoWP, carbon conductive matrix and mesoporous hollow structures.


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Name: Journal of colloid and interface science
ISSN: 1095-7103
Pages: 339-349


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Inorganic compounds that contain tungsten as an integral part of the molecule.

Tungsten. A metallic element with the atomic symbol W, atomic number 74, and atomic weight 183.85. It is used in many manufacturing applications, including increasing the hardness, toughness, and tensile strength of steel; manufacture of filaments for incandescent light bulbs; and in contact points for automotive and electrical apparatus.

Tungsten hydroxide oxide phosphate. A white or slightly yellowish-green, slightly efflorescent crystal or crystalline powder. It is used as a reagent for alkaloids and many other nitrogen bases, for phenols, albumin, peptone, amino acids, uric acid, urea, blood, and carbohydrates. (From Merck Index, 11th ed)

A free radical gas produced endogenously by a variety of mammalian cells, synthesized from ARGININE by NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE. Nitric oxide is one of the ENDOTHELIUM-DEPENDENT RELAXING FACTORS released by the vascular endothelium and mediates VASODILATION. It also inhibits platelet aggregation, induces disaggregation of aggregated platelets, and inhibits platelet adhesion to the vascular endothelium. Nitric oxide activates cytosolic GUANYLATE CYCLASE and thus elevates intracellular levels of CYCLIC GMP.

A potent mutagen and carcinogen. It is a reduction product of 4-NITROQUINOLINE-1-OXIDE. It binds with nucleic acids and inactivates both bacteria and bacteriophage.

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