Structure and function of Spc42 coiled-coils in yeast centrosome assembly and duplication.

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Summary of "Structure and function of Spc42 coiled-coils in yeast centrosome assembly and duplication."

Centrosomes and spindle pole bodies (SPBs) are membraneless organelles whose duplication and assembly is necessary for bipolar mitotic spindle formation. The structural organization and functional roles of major proteins in these organelles can provide critical insights into cell division control. Spc42, a phosphoregulated protein with an N-terminal dimeric coiled-coil, assembles into a hexameric array at the budding yeast SPB core, where it functions as a scaffold for SPB assembly. Here, we present in vitro and in vivo data to elucidate the structural arrangement and biological roles of Spc42 elements. Crystal structures reveal details of two additional coiled-coils in Spc42: a central trimeric coiled-coil and a C-terminal antiparallel dimeric coiled-coil. Contributions of the three Spc42 coiled-coils and adjacent undetermined regions to the formation of a ∼145 Å hexameric lattice in an in vitro lipid monolayer assay, and to SPB duplication and assembly in vivo, reveal structural and functional redundancy in Spc42 assembly. We propose an updated model that incorporates the inherent symmetry of these Spc42 elements into a lattice, and thereby establishes the observed six-fold symmetry. The implications of this model for the organization of the central SPB core layer are discussed.


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Pages: mbcE19030167


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

The cell center, consisting of a pair of CENTRIOLES surrounded by a cloud of amorphous material called the pericentriolar region. During interphase, the centrosome nucleates microtubule outgrowth. The centrosome duplicates and, during mitosis, separates to form the two poles of the mitotic spindle (MITOTIC SPINDLE APPARATUS).

The level of protein structure in which regular hydrogen-bond interactions within contiguous stretches of polypeptide chain give rise to alpha helices, beta strands (which align to form beta sheets) or other types of coils. This is the first folding level of protein conformation.

Protein factors released from one species of YEAST that are selectively toxic to another species of yeast.

A NIMA-related kinase that functions in CELL CYCLE regulation, the control of CILIA assembly, and CENTROSOME duplication. It is activated at G2 PHASE CELL CYCLE CHECKPOINTS in response to DNA DAMAGE.

An aurora kinase that localizes to the CENTROSOME during MITOSIS and is involved in centrosome regulation and formation of the MITOTIC SPINDLE. Aurora A overexpression in many malignant tumor types suggests that it may be directly involved in NEOPLASTIC CELL TRANSFORMATION.

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