Insect hemolymph coagulation: Kinetics of classically and non-classically secreted clotting factors.

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Summary of "Insect hemolymph coagulation: Kinetics of classically and non-classically secreted clotting factors."

In most insects, hemolymph coagulation, which is analogous to mammalian blood clotting, involves close collaboration between humoral and cellular components. To gain insights into the secretion of cellular clotting factors, we created tagged versions of three different clotting factors. Our focus was on factors which are released in a non-classical manner and to characterize them in comparison to a protein that is classically released, namely Glutactin (Glt). Transglutaminase-A (Tg) and Prophenoloxidase 2 (PPO2), both of which lack signal peptide sequences, have been previously demonstrated to be released from plasmatocytes and crystal cells (CCs) respectively, the two hemocyte classes in naïve larvae. We found that at the molecular level, Tg secretion resembles the release of tissue transglutaminase in mammals. Specifically, Drosophila Tg is associated with vesicular membranes and remains membrane-bound after release, in contrast to Glt, which we found localizes to a different class of vesicles and is integrated into clot fibers. PPO2 on the other hand, is set free from CCs through cytolysis. We confirm that PPO2 is a central component of the cytosolic crystals and find that the concentration of PPO2 appears to vary across crystals and cells. We propose a tentative scheme for the secretory events during early and late hemolymph coagulation.


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Name: Insect biochemistry and molecular biology
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Diseases in which skin eruptions or rashes are a prominent manifestation. Classically, six such diseases were described with similar rashes; they were numbered in the order in which they were reported. Only the fourth (Duke's disease), fifth (ERYTHEMA INFECTIOSUM), and sixth (EXANTHEMA SUBITUM) numeric designations survive as occasional synonyms in current terminology.

Hormones secreted by insects. They influence their growth and development. Also synthetic substances that act like insect hormones.

Bone marrow-derived lymphocytes that possess cytotoxic properties, classically directed against transformed and virus-infected cells. Unlike T CELLS; and B CELLS; NK CELLS are not antigen specific. The cytotoxicity of natural killer cells is determined by the collective signaling of an array of inhibitory and stimulatory CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS. A subset of T-LYMPHOCYTES referred to as NATURAL KILLER T CELLS shares some of the properties of this cell type.

Laboratory tests for evaluating the individual's clotting mechanism.

The clear portion of BLOOD that is left after BLOOD COAGULATION to remove BLOOD CELLS and clotting proteins.

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