Molecular Dynamics of Excited State Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Solution by Coherent Nuclear Wave Packets.

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Summary of "Molecular Dynamics of Excited State Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Solution by Coherent Nuclear Wave Packets."

Revealing a proper reaction coordinate in a chemical reaction is the key step towards elucidation of the molecular reaction dynamics. In this report, we investigated dynamics of intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) of 8-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid (APTS) occurring in the excited state by time-resolved fluorescence (TF) and TF spectra. Accurate reaction rates and rate-dependent nuclear wave packets in the product state allow detailed investigation of the molecular reaction dynamics. The ICT rate is solvent dependent; (34 fs)-1, (87 fs)-1, and (∞)-1 in water, formamide, and dimethylformamide, respectively. By recording spectra of the nuclear wave packets for different reaction rate, chemical species responsible for the emission spectra can be positively identified. Origin of the wave packets can be deduced from the amplitude change of the wave packets at different reaction rates, and the vibrational modes that are associated with the reaction coordinate could be identified. Theoretical calculations of the vibrational reorganization energies reproduce the experimental spectrum of the nuclear wave packets and corroborates the conclusions.


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Name: Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry
ISSN: 1439-7641


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

An excited state of molecular oxygen generated photochemically or chemically. Singlet oxygen reacts with a variety of biological molecules such as NUCLEIC ACIDS; PROTEINS; and LIPIDS; causing oxidative damages.

An atom or group of atoms that have a positive or negative electric charge due to a gain (negative charge) or loss (positive charge) of one or more electrons. Atoms with a positive charge are known as CATIONS; those with a negative charge are ANIONS.

A 3.5 per cent colloidal solution containing urea-cross-linked polymerized peptides. It has a molecular weight of approximately 35,000 and is prepared from gelatin and electrolytes. The polymeric solution is used as a plasma expander.

Enzymes of the isomerase class that catalyze the transfer of acyl-, phospho-, amino- or other groups from one position within a molecule to another. EC 5.4.

Emission of LIGHT when ELECTRONS return to the electronic ground state from an excited state and lose the energy as PHOTONS. It is sometimes called cool light in contrast to INCANDESCENCE. LUMINESCENT MEASUREMENTS take advantage of this type of light emitted from LUMINESCENT AGENTS.

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