Electronic Band Structure and Transport Properties of the Cluster Compound AgTlMoSe.

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Summary of "Electronic Band Structure and Transport Properties of the Cluster Compound AgTlMoSe."

Mo-based cluster compounds are a large class of materials with complex crystal structures that give rise to very low lattice thermal conductivity. Here, we report on the crystal structure and transport property measurements (5-800 K) of the novel Tl-filled compound AgTlMoSe. This compound adopts a crystal structure described in the rhombohedral R3 c space group [ a = 9.9601(1) Å, c = 57.3025(8) Å, and Z = 6] built by the covalent arrangement of octahedral Mo and bioctahedral Mo clusters in a 1:1 ratio, with the Ag and Tl atoms filling the large cavities between them. Transport property measurements performed on polycrystalline samples indicate that this compound behaves as a heavily doped semiconductor with mixed electrical conduction. Electronic band structure calculations combined with a semiclassical approach using the Boltzmann transport equation are in good agreement with these measurements. This compound exhibits a lattice thermal conductivity as low as 0.4 W m K because of highly disordered Ag and Tl atoms. Because of the low thermopower values induced by the mixed electrical conduction, the dimensionless thermoelectric figure of merit ZT remains moderate with a peak value of 0.18 at 750 K.


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