PeSTZ1, a C2H2-type zinc finger transcription factor from Populus euphratica, enhances freezing tolerance through modulation of ROS scavenging by directly regulating PeAPX2.

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Summary of "PeSTZ1, a C2H2-type zinc finger transcription factor from Populus euphratica, enhances freezing tolerance through modulation of ROS scavenging by directly regulating PeAPX2."

In the present study, PeSTZ1, a Cysteine-2/Histidine-2 type zinc-finger transcription factor, was isolated from the desert poplar, Populus euphratica, which serves as a model stress adaptation system for trees. PeSTZ1 was preferentially expressed in the young stems and was significantly upregulated during chilling and freezing treatments. PeSTZ1 was localized to the nucleus and bound specifically to the PeAPX2 promoter. To examine the potential functions of PeSTZ1, we overexpressed it in poplar 84K hybrids (Populus alba × Populus glandulosa), which are known to be stress-sensitive. Upon exposure to freezing stress, transgenic poplars maintained higher photosynthetic activity and dissipated more excess light energy (in the form of heat) than wild type poplars. Thus, PeSTZ1 functions as a transcription activator to enhance freezing tolerance without sacrificing growth. Under freezing stress, PeSTZ1 acts upstream of ASCORBATE PEROXIDASE2 (PeAPX2) and directly regulates its expression by binding to its promoter. Activated PeAPX2 promotes cytosolic APX that scavenges reactive oxygen species (ROS) under cold stress. PeSTZ1 may operate in parallel with C-REPEAT-BINDING FACTORS to regulate COLD-REGULATED gene expression. Moreover, PeSTZ1 upregulation reduces malondialdehyde and ROS accumulation by activating the antioxidant system. Taken together, these results suggested that overexpressing PeSTZ1 in 84K poplar enhances freezing tolerance through the modulation of ROS scavenging via the direct regulation of PeAPX2 expression. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

One of several general transcription factors that are specific for RNA POLYMERASE III. It is a zinc finger (ZINC FINGERS) protein and is required for transcription of 5S ribosomal genes.

A ZINC FINGER MOTIF containing transcription factor that was originally identified as one of the IMMEDIATE-EARLY PROTEINS. It shuttles between the CYTOPLASM and the CELL NUCLEUS and is involved in destabilization of mRNAs for TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR-ALPHA.

A family of zinc finger transcription factors that share homology with Kruppel protein, Drosophila. They contain a highly conserved seven amino acid spacer sequence in between their ZINC FINGER MOTIFS.

An Sp transcription factor that contains three CYS2-HIS2 ZINC FINGERS. It binds to GC RICH SEQUENCES and performs an essential function in regulating gene expression for differentiation of OSTEOBLASTS. Mutations in the SP7 gene are associated with type 12 OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA.

A transcription factor that consists of 8 CYS2-HIS2 ZINC FINGERS flanking a central HOMEOBOX. It binds to the 5'-CACCT-3' DNA sequence located within E-BOX ELEMENTS of many genes essential for embryonic growth and development and regulates their activity; it represses transcription of the E-CADHERIN gene. Mutations in the ZEB2 gene are associated with MOWAT-WILSON SYNDROME.

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