Probing the high potency of pyrazolyl pyrimidinetriones and thioxopyrimidinediones as selective and efficient non-nucleotide inhibitors of recombinant human ectonucleotidases.

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Summary of "Probing the high potency of pyrazolyl pyrimidinetriones and thioxopyrimidinediones as selective and efficient non-nucleotide inhibitors of recombinant human ectonucleotidases."

With the aim to discover novel, efficient and selective inhibitors of human alkaline phosphatase and nucleotide pyrophosphatase enzymes, two new series of pyrazolyl pyrimidinetriones (PPTs) (6a-g) and thioxopyrimidinediones (PTPs) (6h-n) were synthesized in good chemical yields using Knoevenagel condensation reaction between pyrazole carbaldehydes (4a-g) and pharmacologically active N-alkylated pyrimidinetrione (5a) and thioxopyrimidinedione (5b). The inhibition potential of the synthesized hybrid compounds was evaluated against human alkaline phosphatase (h-TNAP and h-IAP) and ectonucleotidase (h-NPP1 and h-NPP3) enzymes. Most of the tested analogs were highly potent with a variable degree of inhibition depending on the functionalized hybrid structure. The detailed structure-activity relationship (SAR) of PPT and PTP derivatives suggested that the compound with unsubstituted phenyl ring from PPT series led to selective and potent inhibition (6a; IC = 0.33 ± 0.02 µM) of h-TNAP, whereas compound 6c selectively inhibited h-IAP isozyme with IC value of 0.86 ± 0.04 µM. Similarly, compounds 6b and 6h were identified as the lead scaffolds against h-NPP1 and h-NPP3, respectively. The probable binding modes for the most potent inhibitors were elucidated through molecular docking analysis. Structure-activity relationships, mechanism of action, cytotoxic effects and druglikeness properties are also discussed.


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