One-Pot Synthesis of O-Heterocycles or Aryl Ketones Using an InCl3/Et3SiH System by Switching the Solvent.

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Summary of "One-Pot Synthesis of O-Heterocycles or Aryl Ketones Using an InCl3/Et3SiH System by Switching the Solvent."

An efficient one-pot synthesis of O-heterocycles or aryl ketones has been achieved using Et3SiH in the presence of InCl3 via a sequential ionic hydrogenation reaction by switching the solvent. This methodology can be used to construct C-O bonds and to prepare conjugate reduction products, including chromans, tetrahydrofurans, tetrahydropyrans, dihydroisobenzofurans, dihydrochalcones and 1,4-diones in a facile manner. In addition, a novel plausible mechanism involving a conjugate reduction and a tandem reductive cyclization was verified by experimental investigations.


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Name: The Journal of organic chemistry
ISSN: 1520-6904


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Organic chemicals where aryl or alkyl groups are joined by two nitrogen atoms through a double bond (R-N=N-R'; R and R' may be either aryl or alkyl). They may be used as DYES.

Six-membered heterocycles containing an oxygen and a nitrogen.

Unsaturated azacyclopropane compounds that are three-membered heterocycles of a nitrogen and two carbon atoms.

An enzyme which catalyzes the hydrolysis of an aryl-dialkyl phosphate to form dialkyl phosphate and an aryl alcohol. It can hydrolyze a broad spectrum of organophosphate substrates and a number of aromatic carboxylic acid esters. It may also mediate an enzymatic protection of LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS against oxidative modification and the consequent series of events leading to ATHEROMA formation. The enzyme was previously regarded to be identical with Arylesterase (EC

Compounds with a 5-membered ring of four carbons and an oxygen. They are aromatic heterocycles. The reduced form is tetrahydrofuran.

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