Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Pure ZnAl(OH)(SO)·2.6HO Layered Double Hydroxide.

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Summary of "Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Pure ZnAl(OH)(SO)·2.6HO Layered Double Hydroxide."

The phase purity of a series of ZnAl(OH)SO· nHO layered double hydroxides (ZnAl-LDH) obtained from a reaction of bayerite (Al(OH)) with an excess of zinc(II) sulfate under hydrothermal conditions was investigated as a function of the reaction temperature, the duration of the hydrothermal treatment, and the zinc(II) concentration. The product quality, i.e., crystalline impurities, Al impurities, and bulk Zn:Al ratio, were assessed by powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), Al MAS NMR, and elemental analysis. Structural characterization of a stoichiometric ZnAl-LDH (120 °C, 9 days, and 2.8 M Zn(II)) showed a well-defined structure of the metal ion layer as evidenced by a single, well-defined Zn environment: i.e., no Zn substitution on the Al sites according to Zn k-edge EXAFS and PXRD. Furthermore, nearly all of the 12 different H atoms in the -OH groups and 4 Al resonances could be assigned using H,Al NMR correlation experiments recorded with ultrafast MAS. The interlayer water content is variable on the basis of thermogravimetric analysis and changes in the H MAS NMR spectra with temperature. A composition of ZnAl(OH)(SO)·2.6HO was obtained from a combination of these techniques and confirmed that ZnAl-LDH is isostructural with the mineral nickelalumite (NiAl(OH)SO·3HO).


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A double-layered fold of peritoneum that attaches the STOMACH to other organs in the ABDOMINAL CAVITY.

The double-layered skin fold that covers the GLANS PENIS, the head of the penis.

Measurement of hearing based on the use of pure tones of various frequencies and intensities as auditory stimuli.

Large spherical double-layered structures which function in AUTOPHAGY to engulf intracellular components such as ORGANELLES or pathogens. Their outer membrane then fuses with the LYSOSOME and the inner membrane and contents are digested by lysosomal HYDROLASES.

Generally speaking, it is the alkaline substance obtained from wood ashes by percolation. Preparations of lye can be solutions of either potassium or sodium hydroxide. The term lye, is also used to refer to the household product which is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate.

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