Association of transcription factor 7-like 2 gene (TCF7L2) polymorphisms with stress-related hyperglycaemia (SRH) in intensive care and resulting outcomes: the READIAB study.

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Summary of "Association of transcription factor 7-like 2 gene (TCF7L2) polymorphisms with stress-related hyperglycaemia (SRH) in intensive care and resulting outcomes: the READIAB study."

- The study aimed to evaluate the impact of the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs7903146 on the transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene in stress-related hyperglycaemia (SRH), defined as blood glucose ≥ 11 mmol/L in at least two blood samples during the first 3 days in the intensive care unit (ICU), and on 28-day and 1-year mortality, and incidence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) at 6 months and 1 year in patients hospitalized in the ICU.


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Name: Diabetes & metabolism
ISSN: 1878-1780


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Association of metabolism-related genes polymorphisms with adenocarcinoma of the oesophagogastric junction: Evidence from 2261 subjects.

The etiology of adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction (AEG) remains unclear. It is believed that the increasing of AEG may be correlated with the elevated ratio of obesity and overweight. Thu...

Assessment of TCF7L2 expression after bariatric surgery.

To assess the influence of bariatric surgery on transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) expression and its association with body mass index (BMI) and Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Single and multi-locus association study of TCF7L2 gene variants with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus in an Iranian population.

Prior studies indicated that some of transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene variants such as rs7903146, rs12255372 and rs11255372 are constantly associated with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in...

TCF7L2 Expression Is Regulated by Cell Differentiation and Overfeeding in Human Adipose Tissue.

The TCF7L2 gene variant rs7903146 has the largest effect on type 2 diabetes risk reported in genome-wide association studies, however its role in adipose tissue development and function is unknown. We...

TCF7L2 and EGR1 synergistic activation of transcription of LCN2 via an ERK1/2-dependent pathway in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells.

High level expression of lipocalin 2 (LCN2) usually indicates poor prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and many other cancers. Our previous study showed LCN2 promotes migration and ...

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TCF7L2 Polymorphisms Influence on Glycemic Control in ICU Patients With Organ Failure

This study evaluates the link between genetic polymorphisms as r7903146, rs12255372 of TCF7L2 gene and the risk of developing hyperglycemia during Intensive care unit stay

The TCF7L2 Gene: Dietary Prevention of T2DM

Nutrients and chemicals in food are able to regulate expression of genetic elements. Gene-nutrient interaction in response specific diets can increase an individual's risk, shifting the in...

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Background: Diabetic kidney disease (DKD), as one of chronic complication of type 2 diabetes mellitus, is common cause of end stage renal disease (ESRD). Vitamin D deficiency is known as o...

Endolymphatic Sac Tumors in a Population of Patients With Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:The Natural History and Pathobiology, and a Prospective Non-Randomized Clinical Trial of Hearing Preservation Surgery in Patients With Early Stage Endolymphatic Sac Tumors

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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor that plays a role in determining cell fate during embryogenesis. It forms a heterodimer with TWIST TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR and ACHAETE-SCUTE GENE COMPLEX-related TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS.

An RNA POLYMERASE II specific transcription factor. It may play a role in transcriptional activation of gene expression by interacting with the TATA-BOX BINDING PROTEIN component of TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR TFIID.

A basic-leucine zipper transcription factor that regulates GLOBIN gene expression and is related to TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR AP-1. NF-E2 consists of a small MAF protein subunit and a tissue-restricted 45 kDa subunit.

An Sp transcription factor that contains three CYS2-HIS2 ZINC FINGERS. It binds to GC RICH SEQUENCES and performs an essential function in regulating gene expression for differentiation of OSTEOBLASTS. Mutations in the SP7 gene are associated with type 12 OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA.

Maf transcription factors are a family of basic-leucine zipper transcription factors that are closely related to V-MAF ONCOGENE PROTEIN. The C-MAF PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN was the first mammalian Maf transcription factor identified, and now the family is known to include a variety of other Maf proteins such as MAFB TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR; MAFF TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR; MAFG TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR; and MAFK TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR.

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