Magnetic field-induced pair density wave state in the cuprate vortex halo.

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Summary of "Magnetic field-induced pair density wave state in the cuprate vortex halo."

High magnetic fields suppress cuprate superconductivity to reveal an unusual density wave (DW) state coexisting with unexplained quantum oscillations. Although routinely labeled a charge density wave (CDW), this DW state could actually be an electron-pair density wave (PDW). To search for evidence of a field-induced PDW, we visualized modulations in the density of electronic states () within the halo surrounding BiSrCaCuO vortex cores. We detected numerous phenomena predicted for a field-induced PDW, including two sets of particle-hole symmetric () modulations with wave vectors and , with the latter decaying twice as rapidly from the core as the former. These data imply that the primary field-induced state in underdoped superconducting cuprates is a PDW, with approximately eight CuO unit-cell periodicity and coexisting with its secondary CDWs.


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Name: Science (New York, N.Y.)
ISSN: 1095-9203
Pages: 976-980


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