Expression, purification and characterization of diguanylate cyclase from Rhodococcus ruber.

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Summary of "Expression, purification and characterization of diguanylate cyclase from Rhodococcus ruber."

Diguanylate cyclases (DGCs) were responsible for the synthesis of second messenger cyclic di-guanosine monophosphate (c-di-GMP), which were involved in various physiological activities of bacterial species. Here, a full-length DGC from Rhodococcus ruber SD3 fused with glutathione-S-transferase (GST) was expressed in E. coli and purified by glutathione agarose resin. The apparent molecular mass of one subunit of the purified diguanylate cyclase with GST tag (GST-DGC) was estimated to be 71.9 kDa by SDS-PAGE, which was approximately in accordance with the theoretical value of 73.0 kDa. The sequence of GST-DGC was confirmed by liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The blue native PAGE indicated that GST-DGC formed octamer. The optimum pH and temperature for GST-DGC activity were 8.0 and 47 °C, respectively. The fusion protein exhibited high thermostability, and 94% of activity was retained when the protein was incubated at 87 °C for 1 h. Moreover, the fusion protein showed pH stability. The Km, Vmax and Kcat values for GST-DGC enzyme were 9.8 μM, 0.7 μM/min and 1.3 S. Some ions such as Zn, Mn, Fe, Ni and Co had inhibitory effects on the activity of the protein, while other ions such as Mg, K and Na slightly activated the protein. The fusion protein also showed rather high stability in the presence of toluene, cyclohexane and n-hexane.


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Name: Protein expression and purification
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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A species of RHODOCOCCUS found in soil, herbivore dung, and in the intestinal tract of cows, horses, sheep, and pigs. It causes bronchopneumonia in foals and can be responsible for infection in humans compromised by immunosuppressive drug therapy, lymphoma, or AIDS.

A bacterial genus of the order ACTINOMYCETALES.

Compunds that bind to and activate GUANYLYL CYCLASE-C RECEPTORS.

One of the virulence factors produced by virulent BORDETELLA organisms. It is a bifunctional protein with both ADENYLATE CYCLASE and hemolysin components.

Neuronal calcium sensor proteins that regulate the activation of membrane-bound GUANYLATE CYCLASE. They are primarily expressed in the RETINA where they play an important role in PHOTOTRANSDUCTION.

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