Nativity of Lignin Carbohydrate Bonds substantiated by Biomimetic Synthesis.

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Summary of "Nativity of Lignin Carbohydrate Bonds substantiated by Biomimetic Synthesis."

The question of whether lignin is covalently linked to carbohydrates in native wood, forming what is referred to as lignin carbohydrate complexes (LCC), still lacks unequivocal proofs. This is mainly due to the need of isolating lignin from woody materials prior to analysis, at conditions leading to partial chemical modification of the native wood polymers. Thus, the correlation between the structure of the isolated LCC and LCC in situ remains open. As a way to circumvent the problematic isolation, biomimicking lignin polymerization in vivo and in vitro is an interesting option. Herein, we report the detection of lignin carbohydrate bonds in the extracellular lignin formed by tissue-cultured Norway spruce cells, and in modified biomimetic lignin synthesis (dehydrogenation polymers). Semi-quantitative 2D heteronuclear singular quantum coherence (HSQC)-, 31P - and 13C-NMR spectroscopies were applied as analytical tools. Combining results from these systems, four types of lignin carbohydrate bonds were detected; benzyl ether, benzyl ester, gamma-ester and phenyl glycoside linkages providing direct evidence of lignin carbohydrate bond formation in biomimicked lignin polymerization. Based on our findings, we propose a sequence for lignin carbohydrate bond formation in plant cell walls.


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Name: Journal of experimental botany
ISSN: 1460-2431


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

The most abundant natural aromatic organic polymer found in all vascular plants. Lignin together with cellulose and hemicellulose are the major cell wall components of the fibers of all wood and grass species. Lignin is composed of coniferyl, p-coumaryl, and sinapyl alcohols in varying ratios in different plant species. (From Merck Index, 11th ed)

An interdisciplinary field in materials science, ENGINEERING, and BIOLOGY, studying the use of biological principles for synthesis or fabrication of BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS.

A copper-containing oxidoreductase enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of 4-benzenediol to 4-benzosemiquinone. It also has activity towards a variety of O-quinols and P-quinols. It primarily found in FUNGI and is involved in LIGNIN degradation, pigment biosynthesis and detoxification of lignin-derived products.

The characteristic 3-dimensional shape of a carbohydrate.

The exposure of protein to chemicals, or heat, which disrupt the non-covalent bonds and/or disulfide bonds responsible for maintaining the three-dimensional shape and activity of the native protein, while leaving the peptide bonds intact.

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