Synthesis, biological evaluation and in silico studies with 4-benzylidene-2-phenyl-5(4H)-imidazolone-based benzenesulfonamides as novel selective carbonic anhydrase IX inhibitors endowed with anticancer activity.

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Summary of "Synthesis, biological evaluation and in silico studies with 4-benzylidene-2-phenyl-5(4H)-imidazolone-based benzenesulfonamides as novel selective carbonic anhydrase IX inhibitors endowed with anticancer activity."

In the presented work, we report the synthesis of a series of 4-benzylidene-2-phenyl-5(4H)-imidazolone-based benzenesulfonamides 7a-fvia the Erlenmeyer-Plöchl reaction. All the prepared imidazolones 7a-f were evaluated as inhibitors of human (h) carbonic anhydrases (CA, EC cytosolic isoforms hCA I and II, as well as transmembrane tumor-associated isoforms hCA IX and XII. All the tested hCA isoforms were inhibited by the prepared imidazolones 7a-f in variable degrees with the following Ks ranges: 673.2-8169 nM for hCA I, 61.2-592.1 nM for hCA II, 23-155.4 nM for hCA XI, and 21.8-179.6 nM for hCA XII. In particular, imidazolones 7a, 7e, and 7f exhibited good selectivity towards the tumor-associated isoforms (CAs IX and XII) over the off-target cytosolic (CAs I and II) with selectivity index (SI) in the range of 6.2-19.4 and 3.3-8, respectively. Moreover, imidazolones 7a-f were screened for their anticancer activity in one dose (10 M) assay against a panel of 60 cancer cell lines according to US-NCI protocol. Furthermore, 7a, 7e and 7f were evaluated for their anti-proliferative activity against colorectal cancer HCT-116 and breast cancer MCF-7 cell lines. Furthermore, 7e and 7f were screened for cell cycle disturbance and apoptosis induction in HCT-116 cells. Finally, a molecular docking study was carried out to rationalize the obtained results.


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Derivatives of benzophenone (with the structural formula phenyl-(C=O)-phenyl).

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