Titration of Aerosol pH Through Droplet Coalescence.

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Summary of "Titration of Aerosol pH Through Droplet Coalescence."

The pH of aqueous aerosols, as well as cloud and fog droplets, has an important influence on the chemistry that takes place within these unique microenvironments. Utilizing conjugate acid/base pairs to infer pH changes, we investigate, for the first time, changes in aerosol pH upon droplet coalescence. In particular, we show that the pH within individual aqueous aerosol droplets that are ~8 μm in diameter can be titrated via droplet coalescence in an Aerosol Optical Tweezer (AOT). Using sulfate/bisulfate and carbonate/bicarbonate as model systems, the pH of trapped droplets is determined before and after introduction of smaller droplets containing a strong acid. The pH change upon coalescence of the acid within the trapped droplet is calculated using Specific Ion Interaction Theory (SIT). Furthermore, we show that the pH of an individual aerosol can be manipulated along a fairly wide range of pH values, paving the way for future studies requiring rigorous pH control of aqueous aerosol.


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Name: The journal of physical chemistry letters
ISSN: 1948-7185


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A family of vertebrate and insect lipid droplet associated proteins. They consist of a conserved N-terminal PAT domain (an alpha-helical region of about 110 amino acids), an 11-mer repeat region, and lipid-binding hydrophobic regions or 4-helix bundles near their C-termini. Perilipins transiently or constitutively localize to LIPID DROPLETS in ADIPOCYTES and FOAM CELLS, especially in regions adjacent to the PLASMA MEMBRANE and ENDOPLASMIC RECTICULUM. They are critical for lipid droplet synthesis and homeostasis as well as the regulation of lipid metabolism. Genetic variations in perilipins are associated with ATHEROSCLEROSIS; OBESITY; and DIABETES MELLITUS.

A quantitative form of intradermal testing for the relative allergenicity of a substance. It is used to determine the amount of an allergen that will be tolerated in ALLERGEN IMMUNOTHERAPY.

Solution titration in which the end point is read from the electrode-potential variations with the concentrations of potential determining ions. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)

A mass spectrometry technique used for analysis of nonvolatile compounds such as proteins and macromolecules. The technique involves preparing electrically charged droplets from analyte molecules dissolved in solvent. The electrically charged droplets enter a vacuum chamber where the solvent is evaporated. Evaporation of solvent reduces the droplet size, thereby increasing the coulombic repulsion within the droplet. As the charged droplets get smaller, the excess charge within them causes them to disintegrate and release analyte molecules. The volatilized analyte molecules are then analyzed by mass spectrometry.

A long-acting beta-2-adrenergic receptor agonist. It is a potent bronchodilator that may be administered orally or by aerosol inhalation.

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