Inter-genus gene expression analysis in livestock fibroblasts using reference gene validation based upon a multi-species primer set.

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Summary of "Inter-genus gene expression analysis in livestock fibroblasts using reference gene validation based upon a multi-species primer set."

Quantitative reverse transcription PCR (RT-qPCR) remains as an accurate approach for gene expression analysis but requires labor-intensive validation of reference genes using species-specific primers. To ease such demand, the aim was to design and test a multi-species primer set to validate reference genes for inter-genus RT-qPCR gene expression analysis. Primers were designed for ten housekeeping genes using transcript sequences of various livestock species. All ten gene transcripts were detected by RT-PCR in Bos taurus (cattle), Bubalus bubalis (buffaloes), Capra hircus (goats), and Ovis aries (sheep) cDNA. Primer efficiency was attained for eight reference genes using B. taurus-O. aries fibroblast cDNA (95.54-98.39%). The RT-qPCR data normalization was carried out for B. taurus vs. O. aries relative gene expression using Bestkeeper, GeNorm, Norm-finder, Delta CT method, and RefFinder algorithms. Validation of inter-genus RT-qPCR showed up-regulation of TLR4 and ZFX gene transcripts in B. taurus fibroblasts, irrespectively of normalization conditions (two, three, or four reference genes). In silico search in mammalian transcriptomes showed that the multi-species primer set is expected to amplify transcripts of at least two distinct loci in 114 species, and 79 species would be covered by six or more primers. Hence, a multi-species primer set allows for inter-genus gene expression analysis between O. aries and B. taurus fibroblasts and further reveals species-specific gene transcript abundance of key transcription factors.


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Name: PloS one
ISSN: 1932-6203
Pages: e0221170


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MOLECULAR BIOLOGY techniques used in the diagnosis of disease. Included are such techniques as IN SITU HYBRIDIZATION of chromosomes for CYTOGENETIC ANALYSIS; OLIGONUCLEOTIDE ARRAY SEQUENCE ANALYSIS of gene expression patterns in disease states; identification of pathogenic organisms by analysis of species specific DNA sequences; and detection of mutations with POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION.

The expression of a gene in an abnormal place, or at an abnormal time in an organism. Ectopic Gene Expression is often induced artificially by genetic techniques.

A form of gene interaction whereby the expression of one gene interferes with or masks the expression of a different gene or genes. Genes whose expression interferes with or masks the effects of other genes are said to be epistatic to the effected genes. Genes whose expression is affected (blocked or masked) are hypostatic to the interfering genes.

Hybridization of a nucleic acid sample to a very large set of oligonucleotide probes, which are attached to a solid support, to determine sequence or to detect variations in a gene sequence or expression or for gene mapping.

Techniques used to add in exogenous gene sequence such as mutated genes; REPORTER GENES, to study mechanisms of gene expression; or regulatory control sequences, to study effects of temporal changes to GENE EXPRESSION.

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