Structure and density comparison of noble gas hydrates encapsulating Xe, Kr, and Ar.

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Summary of "Structure and density comparison of noble gas hydrates encapsulating Xe, Kr, and Ar."

Understanding the effect of guest molecules on host framework is important for the development of structure-based properties of inclusion compounds. Here, the crystal structures of the noble gas hydrates encapsulating Xe, Kr, and Ar were studied by powder X-ray diffraction measurements. The crystal structures and hydration numbers of these noble gas hydrates were solved by the Rietveld refinements using optimized models with the direct-space technique. It was revealed that host cage size of these hydrates changed depending on type of guest molecules even though their unit-cell parameters were the same. Based on the structure models obtained, the densities of Xe, Kr, and Ar gas hydrates were also determined to be 1.837, 1.445 and 1.097 kg/m3 at 93 K, respectively. Our findings from crystallographic point of view may give insight into further understanding of the thermodynamic stability and physical properties of gas hydrates encapsulating small guests.


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Name: Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry
ISSN: 1439-7641


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